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  1. Anyone tried BPC 157?
  2. Anyone tried BPC 157?

    Was just about to post that pubmed. Amphetamine causes a load of damage everywhere it seems like
  3. Anyone tried BPC 157?

    You have to have the right stack to help you in the areas that you need. I would really look into asking in the nootropics Facebook page. As for you being a stim user I would stay away from the racetams. Look at stuff to help you get and keep energy. Taking adderall diminishes magnesium, b vitamins, and the list goes on for necessary bodily supplements. The magnesium to take for energy and feel good is magnesium malate. It also messes with the dopamine, serotonin, norepinephrine ect... if you been on it for a long time, or if you have been abusing adderall your pathways and receptors have paid the price. That's where the depression, anxiety, no will to be a productive member of society. That's when you start looking into rebuilding receptors and neural pathways along with giving your brain the nutrients it needs. NAC - N-acetyl L-Cysteine is a neroprotectant Citicoline -Citicoline seems to increase abrain chemical called phosphatidylcholine. This brainchemical is important for brainfunction. Citicoline might also decrease brain tissue damage when the brain is injured. (Long term adderall use or abuse is a brain injury) Triacetyluridine (uridine tau) -Uridine, along with CDP Choline, promotes the growth of new dopaminereceptors in the brain by activating D1 and D2 receptor signaling, helping to prevent dopamine receptor burn out, especially in brains with fewerdopamine receptors. This mechanism helps optimize mental function and improve both mood and cognition. Dha fish oil is required for the uridine TAU to complete its job since its fat soluble. Also it just helps bring everything together so great. Sulbutiamine - Sulbutiamine is an upgraded version of vitamin B1 that can pass the blood-brain barrier and reach your brain.Sulbutiamine is a nootropic (aka smart drug) that decreases both mental and physical fatigue. ... Sulbutiamine also improves mood, and may boost long-term memory. D3 is a body essential. If you get anxiety L-theanine helps calm the jitters. Now this is a good stack to start with. Also look into other things to start repairing other parts of the brain that may have suffered during this run. My husband is on this stack. It's been 2 weeks at minimum dosing and he is starting to feel the effects of it. He is happier, he isnt waking up hating the world, going to work and actually staying awake when he gets home. If you have Anhedonia like symptoms add the amino acid sarcosine its water soluble and it tastes like sugar. Google or look on reddit for sarcosine and NAC combo. People have been seeing lots of great things from those 2 combined. Here is a little pub med on sarcosine Dont expect this to be instant fix, you didnt break down in a instant and fixing it can take a while but I will tell you that you will start feeling the effects within 2 weeks. As for bpc-157 we just started this week on it , maybe like 3 days ago. Going to wait at least 10 days before we start saying anything about how it acts in the brain. I've done 7 months of research on different things to help the brain and for my husband to feel better. Bpc-157 has been very high on my list and all I have seen is benefits in this peptide so it was added . Good luck in your journey and remember you are stronger then the drug. You can and will be back to normal. And watch where you buy your supplements from. They may say they have what they have but it's in min amounts. Good sources. Tested supplements high quality.
  4. acetylcholine trial and error

    Try uridine tau along with choline. Uridine is known to help rebuild dopamine receptors. Mix b vitamin complex, DHA fish oil and some d3.
  5. She may of had some underlying mental health issues. My husband was diagnosed bipolar 1 with schizophrenia episodes. After starting adderall. The adderall brought these mental health issues to the front. He was a completely changed person. Very angry all the time and when he started upping his dose that's where the schizophrenia came out. I feel like it was more of a drug induced physcosis. He had to be sedated for 5 days with haldol, and valium for him to come out of it. He had no memories of what he did while going through the physcosis. He was seeing people that weren't there, talking to people that weren't there. He planned his suicide (hung a rope in the garage and set his alarm for 3am to go end his life) when I woke up and followed him i called 911 when i seen what he had planned. At the hospital the aggressive behavior came out, he attacked a doctor. It took 3 security guards, and 5 other hospital staff to get him on the bed to be cuffed down with restraints and given 4 shots of valium before he finally gave in to the sedation. They sent him to the ICU where he was watched very closely and everytime he went to wake up he started getting very aggressive so they had to put him back out. When I came up there I was not allowed in the room because they said he could possibly sense me and wake up and they didnt want me hurt. Doctors are just handing this stuff out to people without any concern to their mental health.
  6. Anyone tried BPC 157?

    You dont have to inject it for it to work. Sublingual 90 seconds then swallow works also. It's a peptide made in your gut so your gut doesnt break it down. As for the depression and anhedonia my husband has had a lot of good effects of sarcosine and NAC. He takes 1 gram of sarcosine in his coffee it tastes like sugar and 600mg of nac . If you get agitated feeling lower the dose of sarcosine (he tried 2 grams at first had had that reaction) if you feel over stimulated try l theanine it helps calm you. He went very neurotoxic with the adderall before quitting after his last episode of drug induced physcosis. Did a bunch of research Into nootropics and amino acids and what helps repair what he destroyed during his addiction. Uridine tau helps rebuild dopamine receptors, choline helps aid in this. Vitamin b complex, d3, magnesium malate is good for energy and also help the mag deficiency that the adderall caused. Dha fish oil helps with the absorption of the uridine tau . He also takes sulbutiamine in the morning. And 5htp at night. I know it seems to be a lot of supplements to take in daily after a while you will be able to cut down and completely stop after the repairs have taken place. With no effects on the way you feel He started the bpc-157 at night cause it can make you very sleepy in the first couple weeks while it's doing its job internally. I can say even after 2 weeks of taking things to help him rebuild what he destroyed he tells me he is feeling 80% better then he was. Diet and exercise is also the key to helping your body and brain recover.