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  1. NAD+ IV Therapy = Miracle

    Thank you! I’ll definitely do what you suggested! I really am ready to try anything at this point. I’m doing red light therapy and b12 shots with some supplements. It’s a subtle difference. I’ll come back to this thread with updates. Thanks again @SamJo
  2. NAD+ IV Therapy = Miracle

    Thanks for sharing. I actually was researching this near me. It’s so expensive, so was hesitant. I’m glad it worked for you! I’m prob going to start researching more and see how I can make this happen financially. I’m almost at the 7 month mark in a couple of days. Happy to be at this point, but it would be so nice to get over this hump!
  3. THREE YEARS!!!!!

    I’m at 6months right now. Needed to hear this Appreciate you sharing and congrats!! gives me hope!! Thank you
  4. All out.... so here we go!

    I agree distraction is key @sleepystupid. Although you will want to do nothing! The only thing worse than feeling exhausted mid day for me is realizing I did nothing at all. At first I could barely function. I felt like I had to re learn all of my habits. This sounds cheesy but journaling helps. I write down each task and cross it off even if it’s ridiculous. Supposedly, that helps your brain naturally release dopamine. The game from now on is self discipline... I’ve yet to feel much motivation. ThAts even hard to talk about because I miss that so much! it gets better each day in different ways..the times I do feel great and I know it’s all me is priceless. Anyways hope your feeling ok today and hang in there!
  5. My early recovery journey- 65days clean

    @Socially awkwardyour story helped me when having a rough patch. Pretty much the same reasons I quit. Thanks for sharing I like your name lol @growingupistheworst ❤️ I’m newer to forums. Hang in there the first week is the hardest physically... (or was for me) and then it’s a roller coaster of mind games. I’m on Month 5 off adderall... good days are starting to become more consistent. Don’t get discouraged just be proud your making the decision. I’m still taking one day at a time. These forums saved me multiple times from making that appt or caving to ask friends for adderall. I know I have so far to go.. just thought I’d send you some encouragement.