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  1. 4 years clean - checking in

    Thanks for sharing your story, did you ever suffer from paws in your recovery?
  2. HOPE

    How long were you taking adderall for initially 9 years ago
  3. 18 Months Sober

    Do you still experience any paws?
  4. Three Years Free

    Thats awsome! do you feel symtom free as in no more lingering PAWS? im 1 year free and still struggling with energy
  5. 2 years with no adderall

    How did you feel at the 1 year mark compared to now in terms of energy and motivation?
  6. Update from a long timer

    Is this the way you felt before adderall maybe? How long did you use for?
  7. DAY 3 - When Does it Get Better?

    Eliza S can you explain the vison side effects in more detail please. Im am also having issues with my eyes. As for the hairloss i also noticed alot towards the end of my usage however i do think that i grows back with time.
  8. Im 6 months out ane stuggling with this, when does it get better???