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  1. A hectic task

    I run a supermarket downtown and the business is running smoothly. Supermarket means a lot of people wandering inside the store every day, means a lot to clean up after. All kinds of people come in there every day and most of them don’t care if they maintain their decorum and keep the store clean. They want the store clean when they come in or else they complain. It's usually the store employees who clean up the store after it's closed. They already have a lot of work, on top of that I am making them clean up the store. Now the turnovers are comparatively good so I am thinking of hiring a janitor to overlook all the maintenance and cleaning activities. I will be contacting janitorial services company in Toronto soon. When will they be cleaning the store then? Will they be available 24x7 or will they clean only after the store is closed. How do they charge us? Please do let me know in the suggestions. Thank you.