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  1. I am 15 days clean today. It wasn’t as bad as I expected but I’m still pretty tired all day. Is it normal to still feel like this 15 days in? Thank god I took a month off work!
  2. @sleepystupid you’re right. I need to quit. I think I am just starting to get cold feet. I start FMLA next Monday (6/24) so that will be my “day one”. I know if I don’t quit now I’ll just have to go through this process all over again however many years down the road.
  3. Thanks @Subtracterall. I think I want to start cold turkey at first then if I feel like I need it I’ll look into Wellbutrin. And to answer your question about my next job-I’m not really sure, but possibly IT project management. I still need to learn more about what skills I actually have vs. what skills I only have when I’m on adderall and the few times I’ve attempted to do my current job without adderall started to show me that.
  4. Tiredofit

    I am right there with you. Planning on 7/8/19 to be my “day one”.we can do this!
  5. Thanks @sleepystupid. Sorry for the novel in advance. I realized after reading other people’s stories that one month isn’t going to cut it. I’m going to ask my doctor if I can do a month of working from home after FMLA to give myself a buffer. Then after that my next step is finding a new job that won’t require me to take adderall. I’m starting to think that I simply won’t be capable to do the job I have now without it. And to your point, unfortunately I am known as a work machine at my job. But I’ve also realized that my tolerance skyrocketed since I started here because I needed to create artificial interest and motivation in my job which I’m pretty sure I would hate if I wasn’t hypnotized by adderall (IT analyst-requires a lot of brain power and technical writing...I hate writing but ended being so good at it that I teach a writing workshop for junior analysts...thanks adderall!) I tried tapering but didn’t have the will power. I would take half my dose and be underwhelmed when it kicked in and reach for another pill or even drive home to get another pill. That’s when I knew I had a problem. If I get a taste of it I need all of it. How does Wellbutrin help with quitting adderall? Have you tried that method? I’m already starting to question if my goal is to quit or to just lower my tolerance..
  6. Desperately seeking advice. Started at 10mg when I was 16 and it drastically improved my life; academically, physically, and socially. I remember thinking if I was prescribed it at a younger age I wouldn’t have had to go through the hell of being an overweight C+ student who struggled through every day of their life just to keep up with “normal” people. By the time I graduated college (22) I was taking 45mg. I was becoming much more dependent on it just to get through everyday activities, but I don’t think at that point it totally dictated my life. Yet. All it did was keep me in pace with the rest of the crowd, nothing outstanding. Started my first job out of college and my dependency skyrocketed. As of today (27) my preferred dose is 70mg (only prescribed 50) so I run out early, try to find more, or let myself go bedridden on weekends. I recently started having spontaneous panic attacks, really high blood pressure, and became really socially disconnected from my husband and friends which led me to my decision that something needs to change immediately. I can’t survive a workday without adderall so I’m taking 1 month of FMLA to fully detox then have no clue what my steps are. Please share any advice.