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  1. Helpful Podcasts/Books!

    Hi Everyone, I had a great deal of trouble understanding the Tao Te Ching with commentary. I kept looking and buying books. I found one that helps me apply the Tao to my life. Id like to share the title of that book and ask that others share the titles of books and videos that they found helpful to them. The book that helps me is: The Tao of Daily Life, by Derek Lin
  2. Finally quitting after 4 years

    that is EXACTLY what I told a few people last night The CULT defends human rights only when it is in accordance with THEIR ideas about it.
  3. Quitting after 6 years

    Trips that we carry in this way would be very helpful to us and spending a good time in all these locations is what that helps big time. Expressing it all here and knowing exactly what is going to be helpful to us has been the right impact.
  4. Doctors won't listen to my concerns

    You were absolutely in the right place doing what you did. I wouldn't want that issue either. My flake issue was due to her not communicating the depth of her concern.
  5. Almost a month clean

    Lol, Im having the same problem trying to make a Sam pattern. I cant seem to get the legs right. Your still looks really cute though, you got eyes, hair and wings on it whic is further that Ive even gotten.
  6. What motivates you to stay clean?

    This kind of poll has undoubtedly been done before, but I think itd be a good time to do it again to get more up to date information. What desktop do you use? If you use several, choose the one you use the most.
  7. Ashamed and depressed

    Hi, and welcome I love your story, as Lynn says, beautifully told. All your patience and hard work has helped Sandy become a wonderfull member of your family. Super picture of them both.
  8. Finally quitting after 4 years

    I finally got my first ever DAILY subscription update from LiveVideo....After being on LV and subscribed to probably 20 or so people over the span of two years counting my old account. After having quite a few LV rants calling out this terrible flaw. I open my Yahoo inbox and see it.....And....it's.... quite useless frankly, because the videos inside it are almost a month old, but it was there =O I'm gonna print out the Email and frame it so I can hang it up in my room It has to be worth some good money. It's so rare . .....Seriously LV......WTF?