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  1. Insulin Resistance

    Hello, For context: I’m 7 months off adderall (I took 20mg XR for 11 years and I’m currently 30 years old). Has anyone else become Insulin Resistant from long-term adderall use? During my last year on adderall I took Zoloft then Cymbalta (I’m off it all now) which I don’t think helped but my doctor says my insulin levels are too high. I’ve been on a no sugar/carb diet for almost 2 months which has definitely helped me lose weight (in addition to take Metformin and Inisotol supplement). I’m hoping my markers get lower the further I get along my recovery because I’m genetically not pre-diabetic or anything. Does anyone relate to this issue or have any advice on if some of these insulin/pancreas issues are tied to adderall use and if they will get better? Most people in adderall withdrawal say they have metabolism issues so I’m wondering if this is the same thing (insulin resistance used to be called a metabolic disorder). Curious to hear anyone’s thoughts, direct or tangential Thanks, Andy
  2. Panic Attacks

    Very, very well said - thank you @Jacob! Out of curiosity, what types of exercise did you find helpful for your symptoms? I feel like my body is so worn down that HIIT exercises/workout classes don't give me the kind of boost that it gives people at baseline. Were there any supplements you found especially helpful as you were pushing through withdrawal?
  3. Panic Attacks

    Hello, I was on Adderall XR 20mg for about 11 years (starting end of high school). About 4 years ago I had my first panic attack. It turned into a full-fledged panic disorder and totally screwed up my digestion. Granted I was a workaholic on adderall, I never really sweat the stress, in fact I enjoyed stress and problem solving. The panic attack first happened when I wasn’t even that stressed. I went on anti-depressants (on top of adderall) which helped mask the panic but I balloooned 45 pounds (thanks to adderall wearing down my metabolism). Thanks to EMDR I was able to get off antidepressants and decided to also get off adderall. It’s been 6 months off adderall and antidepressants and the panic attacks have returned. Has anyone else had this experience? Anyone else experience panic attacks toward the end of long-term adderall use and see them pop up again during withdrawal? Will they eventually go away? I’ve tried all the therapeutic options but I tested for low norepinephrine so I think it’s biological more than psychological at this point (which is how it started in the first place). If anyone can relate or have any advice on dealing with long-term adderall-induced panic attacks I would love to hear from you! Thanks, Andy
  4. NAD+ IV Therapy = Miracle

    @DC011381 have you tried it yet? I’m curious if it’s given you temporary or lasting benefit - and if so, what symptoms have you found relief from? I’m trying to decide which med spa to choose from (I live in LA and a lot of them are glorified beauty spas and seem like moneysucks). @SamJo have you ever heard of Cienega Med Spa? They said 3-4 treatments of 250mg NAD + Myers cocktail and glutathione “should last 6 months”. I’m more interested in permanently undoing adderall’s damage but they seem to speak of it like it’s a car tune-up that people come in periodically for. What symptoms do you think it’s given you lasting/permanent relief from? Thank you!
  5. Adderall Recovery Guide

    Has anyone else tried Bromantane since the last post in March? Curious what experiences other people have had with it. Thank you!