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  1. Started off great, recovery now getting harder

    Hey Darryl, Went to your web page looking for progress, alas, you havent updated your page yet. You did actually do something this weekend, didnt you? Mike... engled
  2. New Years resolution.

    Theyve had a similar concept in the F65 for years. Diagonal photosites... cant remember if its quad Bayer or what and feeling too lazy to google. No matter how you slice it, nice
  3. A struggle for self and family.

    Mark sent you some more Via paypal. Come on guys this is a good cause Every last one of us can for go a box of ammo and help the kids enjoy a little bit more in life. Think about when you were a kid didnt you always want to go to Disney? Why not help send this family and give them a bit of a break in life. Some times thats all it takes to feel like you can take on the world.