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    @BK99 I'm huge fan of your story. In good meaning of this word. I'm sorry for my english. Well, because of your struggle I understand her more and more, and I know she can leave those two substances. She also smoking, I'm not. I asked her many times to quit because I've got cough because of that, I used to smoke so I know what kind of cough it is. She never even tried to quit, because like she said whenever she gonna quit A, she dont need to smoke. She likes ciggarets only on A. So I asked her if you want to change, a little change please quit smoking. I buy her a book, but those recovery books is like bad joke for her. She still throwing into my face I criticize her for everything, she used my words but in different meaning, yesterday she said I call her stupid and retarded which is not true I used those words but first was your excuse is stupid and other one why you parents treat like retarded person, which is out of context right now. She took two Xanaxs and go to sleep with I dunno why we keep fighting, you're too much, you always criticize me. Last friday we go to sign wedding photographer, and she dont want to go because I ask her to not taking Aderall so she said she dont go anywhere and after that literally I give her a pill to her hand.... couple nights ago she asked for x, she dont fell what I fell when she asking me for favors like that....
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    @DrewK15 hey can I share thought with you? So lately she's start avoiding me, especially in bed and whenever we start talking about it she use my own words but in the way like I think she's the worst person in the world but those words describe other people what they thinking about her. I'm so confused because she tell me I only criticize her, I want her attention, she cant do anything when I'm around, but we barely spend time with each other is it bad I miss her every second of my life? Last week we start therapy, she starts. I'm full of hope but I dunno if she tell her everything. @BK99 any help? I really want any of your thoughts about that. Thank you guys !
  3. Want to help someone

    But I think she's ready. We speak a lot about wedding and she's so happy to plan everything and on the same time she's trying go back to school and I'm so proud about her! She's doing a great job, but I want to help with her depression and anxiety. I believe anxiety start to show in her life because of xanax, but she cant fall asleep without it. Her goal is go back to school without pills, it's going to be in a year from now. She's start new job and I dont like it because we barely see each other, but I'm super proud because she's doing something good(because of work she can get letters of rec), yesterday she scared me because she want to change her job because I hate it. Which is 50% truth, I want her to focus on letters of recommendation, but she's going to lose an opportunity if she change a job. I need to add I was depressed back in the days in my country, but I found this will of change in myself and I leave a country, I start running, I beat distance 26,2 last year and I'm doing great, but I'm doing great because of her. Because she was a missing puzzle to my story. I'm speechless... she's such a great person when she not abusing those pills. Otherwise she's cold and super quiet focus on thing that doesn't matter at time. I dont know how to speak with her, we always argue. Because of stupid things like cigarettes or going for training. I dont know what to do. She's my everything .
  4. Want to help someone

    I've got a huge problem with my fiancee. She wants to quit because Adderall and Xanax destroy her life and since we start dating she become a different person. We've got goals for our relationship. We getting married next year, she trying going back to school( they kicked her because of her struggle with Adderall). I dont know how to help her, I'm buying her a lot of books about quitting. I'm talking with her and I know she want change. We was trying to quit once but after 16 days she calls her doctor because she was worried I'm going to leave her, which is nonsense because she is literally love of my life. She abusing it 4 years now. Adderall by day, Xanax by night. I'm full of hope, but she barely sleep, her whole body is giving her signs it's too much but she still doing pills. Please help me guys with some advice because I'm starting getting crazy. Whenever I start topic about it with her, she's pissed and she shutting down. I never going to leave her, but I need to know how to help her. WHENEVER she's out of pills or we got free weekend and she "saving" pills she talks about quitting but when she's on it, she dont see any problem. I read to her couple of your stories,and she just said to me: I know about, it's nothing new. Im terrified. Im sorry for my english, I'm foreigner.