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  1. One Word Status Update

  2. Unexpected Triggers and Coping

    @m34 it’s like trying to turn a pickle back into a cucumber
  3. New York City, let's meet up

    @tuneum, I go to AA regularly and per my sponsor's suggestion, have been attending NA 2x/week. No fellowship feels quite "right". Would love others sharing their experiences!
  4. New York City, let's meet up

    I wish there were an Adderallics Anonymous!
  5. Unexpected Triggers and Coping

    Totally relate on this one. When I first got clean thought EVERYONE was on it! Truthfully, a lot of people are. Super triggering. I can’t speak for you, but the way i dealt with it is by telling myself that while others might be able to handle taking it (in moderation!) I simply wasn’t one of those people. And there are probably lots of things I can do successfully that those same people can’t. It’s just a matter of chemistry, and you’re totally allowed to have feelings about it. Just don’t let that trick you into thinking you can use like them!
  6. New York City, let's meet up

    Hey gang, I’m having a really hard time with meetings. Can’t seem to find my place in AA/NA/MA/CMA etc. What is your experience with finding meetings that are helpful to you?