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    Hi everybody I’ve been a longtime lurker on this site and I’ve been actively trying to quit for the last year. I was prescribed Adderall xr 20mg 7 years ago when I was a sophomore in high school after a poor performance my freshman year. Having struggled with ADHD my whole life Adderall was a “miracle” drug at first. I could actually get my school work done and I enjoyed doing it my grades reflected that. But as many as you know this honeymoon phase only last for so long. I’ve continued use of this drug for the last 7 years and it no longer effects me in a positive way I've dropped out of college and still been using it on a daily basis. Last year I failed a drug test from my doctor for marijuana and they cut off my prescription. So naturally as a addict I found a new doctor to write a script and picked up my use again. 11 days ago I said enough is enough and quit Adderall, marijuana, and juul cold turkey and have been paying the price. Today is the first day I feel somewhat ok and got decent sleep and even though I’m constantly tired. I never abused my prescription but I did take it everyday for 30 days then I would refill. I would also pair the Adderall with coffee and weed and would get a real ecstasy type effect so I abused it in that sense. I wanna feel human connections again and bring back my funny goofy behavior I had before all the drugs. I hope my story helps someone out there and they can relate!