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  1. Just when things were going well

    @eric Thank you so much, this really helps. We can do this!!!
  2. Hi all, new here. I'm almost 60 days off the pills and have been happy with life lately... until boom - intense adderall cravings out of left field. I feel like my body is playing a cruel trick on me by allowing me to go 2 months relatively easily.. each day was getting better than the day before it. I was beginning to feel normal and enjoy my life. The cravings were gradually disappearing and I was feeling so strong and proud! Why, 2 months later am I all of a sudden obsessed with adderall again? I wish I could make sense of this addiction. I expected the battle to get more manageable with each sober day, not suddenly intensify. I am really struggling to cope with what feels like a test I'm rigged to fail.