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  1. Affair on aderall

    It is very hard for her to explain. We both have seeked therapy and our marriage has in a way been revived from this sh@tty situation. She was very naive to the fact that a medication could cause such psychological change. I know it's not solely aderall that caused it, but any underlying issues we may have were hyper focused on and upset her more! This medication caused her to have more anger and agitation towards me that really wasnt that bad. For first week or so off aderall she would mention that she was lost and confused. She is so much happier off the medication and now can notice the changes it caused. I dont throw what she did in her face as bad as it hurt. It hurts her bad enough that she did what she did and hopefully can one day forgive herself. I love her and will not leave her side. Thank you all for the support. This site has helped me understand how dangerous aderall can be how it varies from person to person. Thank yall so much!
  2. Affair on aderall

    Wife was on aderall for 6 months. She changed so much on the meds. She ended up in an affair during the time on aderall. She doesnt have add/adhd. She took to lose weight. I never agreed with her taking it but just kept quiet until the affair happened. She is no longer on aderall and it's almost like while on it there was a split personality. She is 36 and never taken any drugs in her life.