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  1. @dolssa congrats on cleaning your apartment today, happy for you! Have you considered deleting your contacts that can supply you? Today, I played a video game (the Witcher 3, started playing it again after the Netflix series came out..) for like 2 hours without the help of adderall. I used to find it overwhelming and stressful to even play RPG video games like that since it's a lot of work. Slowly starting to see the fun in it again..
  2. 20 Months Out. Struggling.

    @DrewK15 Your post spoke out to me, and I created an account to make my first post here! I'm 21 months clean from adderall/amphetamines, and 7 months clean from everything else (alcohol/weed). Even though it's been over a year and a half, I barely *feel* any better than originally after quitting adderall, in terms of how much focus or confidence I have. Even though my degree + (limited) experience could get me a pretty well paid job, I'm incapable of making decisions on the fly and performing without the adderall. I've recently come to a realization that I need to get a minimum wage job so I don't melt away even more at my parent's house.. I also share your fear of never being able to move out of my parent's house or get married. I'm starting to get used to relying on my folks and it isn't a good feeling. It's interesting you posted about nicotine -- I just relapsed on nicotine today after a month or so off of it. It gave me a momentary dopamine boost when taking the first couple hits, so maybe a small mood lift but then it's back to normal pretty much. Do you have anything else to lift your mood such as hobbies?