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  1. adderall induced eating disorder

    Don’t have any advice just wanted to say I’m going through a similar thing. Gaining weight was the reason I relapsed the last time I tried quitting adderall so this time around I’ve been careful about making sure I’m Exercising and eating correctly but at almost 2 months in my motivation for that is dwindling. if anyone else has any advice I’d love to hear it
  2. Thank you so much! I’ve been researching it a lot today and it’s a pretty common experience for people in recovery, there’s a lot of science behind why I found helpful to learn and think about when I’m having cravings:
  3. 45 days sober from over 3 years of abusing Adderall and lurking on this website reading all of your stories has helped me so much! I started going to therapy which has been really helpful and I'm planning on going to some groups this week. Now that I've gotten through the first 30 days and the physical withdrawal period I'm definitely starting to feel like myself again but have recently been feeling some of the PAWS symptoms many of you have written about. I was reading a great article on PAWs which mentioned that caffeine can increase cravings because it stimulates the same part of the brain as drugs. I feel like I've been chasing an amphetamine high with red bull and coffee and it may be making the PAWs worse. Has anyone else noticed caffeine increasing their adderall cravings?