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  1. You heard wrong about kratom. No, it has 0 withdrawals as long as you take it In moderation. As I have drank coffee for years without problems, I have drank kratom for years without problems, I mean that, no fiending, no withdrawals, no over intoxication (which is pretty hard to do with kratom because it’s so mellow. You should read from the American Kratom Association. You’re being lied to brother, I don’t know what those people were doing, but they weren’t doing it right. Kratom is fantastic and no more addictive than coffee, which, if you take too much of, has terrible withdrawals. So go get some kratom my man, and don’t listen to the hype. Read David Kroll’s article on Forbes about the science of kratom and how the only people in his interviews that suffered were those who took kratom extract in high doses. No, I do love Adderall, because it can save your life if you need to wake up when driving and coffee isn’t working or if you are running dangerous and expensive equipment like I am and you need to focus. You don’t have to take it all the time, that’s how I am gonna take it, as needed because it works better. I also love how so many people like my coworker Brian said it greatly improved the quality of his life. He trained his brain to work differently so he didn’t need it everyday, now he just takes it once in a while. I just got on here to see if anyone had methodically microdosed adderal in order to eliminate the negative effects of accidentally having too much. you have a jaded point of view brother, these things are only as you make them. Millions of people like me use them to improve the quality of their life. You just need to stick to a wise regimen. If you don’t take more than your doctor prescribes and you don’t depend on it every day, Adderall is a very useful drug. As for the 120mg I took, have you ever had too much coffee or alcohol? I have, and it’s very uncomfortable. I once had 4 shots of expresó because we didn’t understand the espresso machine we were using. Man, it was so intense and disgusting feeling. But that doesn’t make coffee and alcohol something I have to stay away from. It was 120 mg over a 24 hour period, not all at once. I am prescribed 30mg pills so it’s only 4 pillsWhen I realized I didn’t feel good, and concluded that I had taken too much, I took about 5mg of the XR beeds and crunched them in my mouth every hour; and I felt fine. Did this every hour for 3 hours and I felt totally fine. Biggest problem was that I couldn’t sleep and felt nervous , other than that I learned some some pretty beautiful guitar riffs with the energy and focus that this med provided me. Quitting this medicine would be a bad choice for me, I am only on here because I wanted the poster to know that I love him and that I feel for him. You can’t respond with signing up. I came across it when I started wondering what kind of misfortunes people have suffered from taking too much. Notice that the seriously my friend, you’ve been lied to about drugs, go look up “Dr, Carl Hart, Methamphetamine fact vs fiction,” on YouTube. you need to see the honest research on d Amohetamine next to methamphetamine, which are the same drug just the methyl group is different. Yes, Meth and Adderall are the same drug and meth is also prescribed by doctors with success to treat disease. In the hands of a responsible professional, Desoxyn (prescription Meth) helps people. Look up, “Desoxyn user reviews, you’ll see that prescription merhamphetamine has helped these people live better lives, and they say it has fewer side effects than Adderall. Like Adderall, when used correctly that drug changes people’s lives for the better. Note: we should all agree that buying meth on the street is among the stupidest things you can do and using street methamphetamine is not wise. As an accredited scientist Carl Hart makes many good points about how drug hysteria harms the public. Hysteria like what you heard about kratom. They found that 85% of people who use drugs do not have a problem with them. Yes the 15% that do have some very serious problems, but that doesn’t mean all people do. They studied drugs like heroin, meth and cocaine and found that this was true. I found it to be a little surprising. Now, I would say don’t ever buy those drugs in the street, it’s not worth the legal risk and the people who sell them are being irresponsible for selling them without care or guidelines to prevent suffering. Yes, those commercials about Meth are hysteria, exaggerating the harms of that drug. I know man, it might sound crazy but you can’t refute the data. Adderall is the same. Some people call it evil but that’s stupid, it has helped millions of people like me to be more productive. I think our doctors are failing us, because they aren’t giving people a better education about these things when they give them. We need to do this will all drugs. The most dangerous drug in society is alcohol. Already in 2020 500,000 people have lost their lives because of misusing alcohol. Think about that. If only they were using it correctly they wouldn’t have died. It’s sad and it needs to change. As a follower of Jesus Christ, I’m told “do not get drunk, it leads to debauchery.” And so I always follow that and I never suffer from using this great drug. Had a Samuel Sadam’s winter ale last night and it was delightful. All we really need my friend, is good guidelines and better assistance with meds, you know? If you ever find yourself saying, “I heard that stuff...(insert defaming statement here)” make sure you go and find out if what you heard was a lie. In this case, it was. If you read the Washington Times Newspaper in 1937 you would have heard about the “new deadly” drug called “marihuana,” and you’d be saying similarly, “don’t use marijuana, I heard that stuff is deadly.” Research shows that 0 people have died from cannabis intoxication and Donald Tashkin at UCLA showed it does not cause lung cancer. But we all know that smoking too much isn’t we should not do that, ever. If you have read this far, I commend you, and I appreciate it. I am very eager to spread truthful information about drugs because the lies And misinformation about them have put many people in cages and have kept people away from medicine like Adderall, which is very helpful when used correctly. “I heard lsd fries your brain” a good lad once said...but then you read and find that the the original scientist who discovered LSD sent it to many universities to test it on themselves and they all loved it and late found great success in treating depression, alcoholism and psychosis. You can find brain scans that show LSD does not fry your brain as ignorant people claim. But then the US government wanted to use it as a weapon so they banned it and started lying about it to the whole world. So don’t believe what you’ve heard, but believe good research. for the minority of drug users who are struggling with drug addiction, recreational and pharmaceutical, I know that it can be hell, don’t hear me wrong. The original post is something that makes me upset because I wish there were more people around him to help the good lad and at least at the time of his post, there weren’t. what if that same lad had a system where he could go get 1-30mg pill a day from his school or from a pharmacist when he needed it? Because he admits that he can’t control it, he needs someone who cares for him that will help him to use it correctly. Then he could prosper. But he was taking way too much and that’s the only reason he suffered so badly. We need a better medical system know? I pray that God will bless everyone who suffers from abusing D-amphetamine and for those who suffer from taking too much of any drug, so that they can overcome their burden with fresh new lives. You say I am in the honeymoon phase with Adderall and I see what you mean, but consider that the real problem you have is your doctor’s bad guidelines. perhaps Adderall should only be taken a few times a week, or just once in a while. My coworker Brian does that and he has seen great success peace
  2. Man, I’m really sorry to hear this bro. That was 2012, I wonder if you are doing ok now. I’m gonna pray for you bro, I heard voices too and no doctor could help but one day after my mom asked Jesus to help me, I heard one voice say very clearly, “the voices you are hearing are not your dead family members”. (I was convinced they were) and she said, “ask Jesus for mercy, ask Him for forgiveness, He is the son of God.” I did that and Jesus answered me. He led me to read The Holy Bible and to believe what it says. I’ve never been happier. I don’t want to commit suicide anymore and no more seeking illegal drugs. what makes me upset about your story is that the doctor isn’t monitoring you more carefully. They should treat you like a son and pay close attention to you. Our medical system is so cash driven that we don’t see this. If you haven’t tried it yet, kratom might help you get away from Adderall, and it is completely salubrious in moderation. i love Adderall, it’s life changing for work but I too have made the mistake of taking too much in order to get strong effects. Just went through 120mg today and I am disappointed so I did a web search to see what kinds of similar stories there were online and if there were any tips to control it. I need this drug, but stories like yours make me think it should be used sparingly. btw, look up “Methamphetamine fact vs fiction Carl Hart and you can hear this neuroscientist explain how Adderall is the same drug as methamphetamine. He says only 10-30% of Meth users develop a drug problem. Sounds like Adderall statistics... i hope you’re ok my friend. May God bless you in every way.