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  1. @sleepystupid I am ashamed of my behavior! I know she is a victim, and I know the use of the medication became progressively worse on my brain, causing pyschotic effects that I now can look back on and say I was not normal. I've never done drugs in my life, had no idea I was high, was with a therapist for 7 weeks while I started on it and now know she gravitates to the prescription approach...completely wrong!!! I took the medication and saw my primary care physician twice a year because of my heart rate and family history of stroke, which that alone should've stopped my dr. Many other side effects were visible to him and documented in my medical records as the hospital confirmed he should've pulled me. We are both victims is my point and in a marriage, it should be a partnership in sickness and in health. I increasingly had issues thinking, being happy, became suicidal, and couldn't understand what was wrong, then each morning pop that pill and all was good, drink at night to sleep as I couldn't shut off!! I had no idea the drug was "speed", and took it as I was told I needed it, felt horrible when I didn't so I believed it. It made me believe nothing was wrong, then I look back after 10 days in the hospital in December and now 80 hours of therapy to fully understand it caused me to experience psychotic effects that grew exponentially worse and dangerous. In talking with friends who had no idea I was on a medication I now tell them and they say "that explains a lot". My wife, my kids, and I are all victims. My kids almost didn't have a father after November when I experienced an amphetamine driven break. It was hell, the drug should be banned and I hope anyone who is reading this and is married to someone taking it...get that person help and off it. If you are taking it and reading this, take a long look at yourself and your behavior and seek help....both of which I wish happened for me years ago!!! I appreciate your feedback and hope you understand there is a lot to this, but to have every physical issue resolved that I had over 10 years, all mental issues resolved, tells me my Dr was negligent for keeping me on the drug. You have no idea when you are on it that long that anything is me everyone else was wrong for years....didn't matter what it was, I was always right and I know that isn't the truth, that was the most insidious thing the drug did to me.
  2. @speedracer thank you!
  3. Thank you for this! My wife believes I had control when the hospital I went to has explained I experienced pyschotic effects from adderall. I was experiencing mania, paranoia, delusional thoughts, anehedonia and I had so many physical issues from the side effects of this evil drug that I never needed or should've had prescribed to me. She believes I had control over the effects that caused to behave horribly. I was irritable, I lied, I was unable to concentrate and apparently told my Dr 2 years ago I wasn't enjoying life. The hospital I checked into in November explained that my primary care was negligent as he watched me shake, have a high heart rate, sweat, talk about anxiety, have stomach problems and each year he'd give me a 10 minute test, tell me I had ADHD and "needed" adderall. It was killing me and hurting everyone around me. Thank you for the positive words. I'm trying to encourage my wife to visit this site, heal with me for our kids, for each other...once I took adderall I lost control!
  4. I was officially 8 months off adderall on July 1st and it hurts to know the hold it had on me. I took it as a prescription daily for 10 years, 30 mg xr. It ended up causing pyschotic effects with mania, paranoia, delusional thoughts and many physical issues, yet I took it daily believing I was perfect! It hurt my marriage that I'm trying to now save! I'm running out of energy daily and I know it's both exhaustion from the lack of stimulant as well as focusing my energy to save my marriage. Any helpful advice on regaining your energy? I'm trying protein shakes, high protein diet and still I am sluggish. Any thoughts on how I can explain to my wife adderall made me out of control for years? I'm now telling people I was on it and I hear "that explains a lot" or "that explains your odd behavior". I appreciate your help!
  5. 5 Worst Things Adderall Did To You?

    Were you able to save marriage off the evil drug?
  6. 5 Worst Things Adderall Did To You?

    Thank you for sharing!
  7. 5 Worst Things Adderall Did To You?

    Thank you for sharing!
  8. 5 Worst Things Adderall Did To You?

    Thank you for sharing! I was told I was similar to an alcoholic by my counseling.
  9. Has adderall affected your physical health?

    Please share the mental deficiencies.
  10. 5 Worst Things Adderall Did To You?

    I was told I was similar to an alcoholic by my counseling.
  11. 5 Worst Things Adderall Did To You?

    What type of side effects?
  12. 5 Worst Things Adderall Did To You?

    Well said, I was thinking that as well, they all grew with each other making it all worse. Thanks for sharing!
  13. What were the 5 worst things adderall did to you, now that you are off and can look back? Mine (not in order as it all was bad): 1. Paranoia 2. Manic episodes 3. Physical issues - shaking, sweating, stomach problems 4. Delusional thoughts 5. Hurt my family
  14. No offense taken. Good perspective. My issue was I saw him annually for 16 years, 9 on adderall. My family has severe heart history, he saw my heart rate climbing and had me come in twice a year, said adderall sometimes does this (all documented in my medical records that the intervention team pulled), requested I take BP meds which did nothing, had me try 6 different kinds, then I'd complain about headaches, stress, muscle pains, stomach problems....all side effects of adderall. I'd ask if I could end taking adderall and we'd take a 10 minute test...a joke!! A pcp as I've experienced and witnessed while in rehab, should not prescribe psychiatric medications without ensuring proper monitoring is in place. Taken off the drug after 10 years and within weeks all my physical issues were GONE!! Feels amazing, yet I'm struggling with all the pyschotic effects that impaired my decision making on the medication and what it did to people around me. A pcp should not prescribe adderall or any psychiatric drug without supervision of the patient is what it all comes down to. How would you know if you are experiencing pyschotic effects if they make you believe you can do no wrong or you are invincible?
  15. Were you prescribed adderall? I was and had no idea what it was doing to me. I lost all our savings, was in a prolonged state of psychosis and my reality was not real! Scary to look back on! I'm now 5 months removed from the prescription I was told I needed and it messed up my with this virus I'm unable to get a job and we are a family of 6 about to lose everything because of this evil drug and my physician who put me on it.