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  1. 5 Worst Things Adderall Did To You?

    Were you able to save marriage off the evil drug?
  2. 5 Worst Things Adderall Did To You?

    Thank you for sharing!
  3. 5 Worst Things Adderall Did To You?

    Thank you for sharing!
  4. 5 Worst Things Adderall Did To You?

    Thank you for sharing! I was told I was similar to an alcoholic by my counseling.
  5. Has adderall affected your physical health?

    Please share the mental deficiencies.
  6. 5 Worst Things Adderall Did To You?

    I was told I was similar to an alcoholic by my counseling.
  7. 5 Worst Things Adderall Did To You?

    What type of side effects?
  8. 5 Worst Things Adderall Did To You?

    Well said, I was thinking that as well, they all grew with each other making it all worse. Thanks for sharing!
  9. What were the 5 worst things adderall did to you, now that you are off and can look back? Mine (not in order as it all was bad): 1. Paranoia 2. Manic episodes 3. Physical issues - shaking, sweating, stomach problems 4. Delusional thoughts 5. Hurt my family
  10. No offense taken. Good perspective. My issue was I saw him annually for 16 years, 9 on adderall. My family has severe heart history, he saw my heart rate climbing and had me come in twice a year, said adderall sometimes does this (all documented in my medical records that the intervention team pulled), requested I take BP meds which did nothing, had me try 6 different kinds, then I'd complain about headaches, stress, muscle pains, stomach problems....all side effects of adderall. I'd ask if I could end taking adderall and we'd take a 10 minute test...a joke!! A pcp as I've experienced and witnessed while in rehab, should not prescribe psychiatric medications without ensuring proper monitoring is in place. Taken off the drug after 10 years and within weeks all my physical issues were GONE!! Feels amazing, yet I'm struggling with all the pyschotic effects that impaired my decision making on the medication and what it did to people around me. A pcp should not prescribe adderall or any psychiatric drug without supervision of the patient is what it all comes down to. How would you know if you are experiencing pyschotic effects if they make you believe you can do no wrong or you are invincible?
  11. Were you prescribed adderall? I was and had no idea what it was doing to me. I lost all our savings, was in a prolonged state of psychosis and my reality was not real! Scary to look back on! I'm now 5 months removed from the prescription I was told I needed and it messed up my with this virus I'm unable to get a job and we are a family of 6 about to lose everything because of this evil drug and my physician who put me on it.
  12. Curious if anyone else had their primary care physician ignore all the side effects, give no warnings, and keep you on adderall until you need extreme help like an intervention? Any other extreme assistance? I was blind to what it was doing to me for 10 years, believing as my Dr. explained "I needed it".
  13. Day 4

    Stay've got this!
  14. Never knew

    Thank you @dolssa. I'm really struggling as I never knew it was the medication causing me so many problems to the point I never knew why I was the way I was. It messed me up, caused me to behave horribly! My wife doesn't believe it can effect someone to create paranoia, psychosis and mania...I had no idea what any of it was until I went through the partial hospitalization program. You have no idea what it feels like to come out of the darkness, given answers that you aren't crazy, you were heavily medicated and effected by its side effects since the day you first took it, to find thousands of stories and resources validating it all, to see the damage it caused and to fight daily for the person who means the world to me to remain as my partner, my friend, my wife who is unwilling to accept the truth. It really is horrible right now that she doesn't believe me. I've tried to encourage her to visit this site to read real life stories. She thinks I'm making it up!
  15. Never knew

    I last took adderall on December 1, 2019, a date I'll always remember. At first I was completely exhausted and somewhat "dazed and confused" to start to sort through what the hell just happened. My wife sadly is not working to save our marriage as she doesn't believe adderall made me lose control. I was seeing, hearing, thinking and feeling things that were not real. I tried to explain to her I was in a prolonged state of psychosis that I was numb and blind to what was going on around me. I really wish she would be willing to understand that the medication was dividing us...not me! It was such a slap in the face after 9 years trusting my dr on the drug and who I've been with for 16 years. I don't know that I ever want to see him again. Now I'm feeling better than I've ever felt, my original illness that we tried to resolve is addressed yet the negligence of the therapist and my dr caused so much damage in our lives- emotionally, physically and financially. My wife wants nothing to do with talking to the hospital as they've offered to explain to her I was a victim not in control. It messed me up and I almost died!! I was in the hospital for 10 days in their partial hospitalization program...there were others there with similar adderall evil issues in their lives. Hoping to have my wife know I truly was a prisoner in my own brain.