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  1. Reassurance needed

    I can absolutely relate to this. I will have an entire year off adderall on May 23! In the beginning I would just lay in bed with my dog and cry (I had to take a week off of work serving in a restaurant). It passes!! It isn’t easy but it’s worth it. Now if I see adderall/hear about it, I’m just terrified of it rather than craving it. At my heaviest usage I would take 200+ mg/day sometimes for a couple days in a row. I felt owned by adderall and spent so much on it.. it almost ruined my relationship for sure. Anyways, quitting is really uncomfortable but it is possible and the other side is very rewarding! I am grateful every day to not be a slave to it. It makes me feel understood to see that my experience/struggles were not terribly unique. Appreciate you guys.
  2. My New Puppy

    Penney is absolutely beautiful!! Thank you for posting this A dog’s unconditional love is definitely helpful during this journey!