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  1. Pen Pal or Advice Please :/

    That's a wonderful way to look at it. I don't necessarily miss my 'Adderall self,' I just don't want to feel how I feel now. It's hard to trust/believe that I will feel even better once I heal since I haven't experienced that 'healed' self. Thank you
  2. Hi! Hoping to find someone around/at the same part of their journey as me. I took adderall IR for 4 years and stopped around the middle of August. I’m really struggling with anhedonia, poor cognitive functioning, lack of motivation, and increasing appetite/bloating. I’d really appreciate any advice as I’ve been off for almost 3 months and missing my adderall self a lot.
  3. This is so in line with my story. I know this is an old post but if anyone is struggling with a similar story, I'd love to discuss.
  4. adderall induced eating disorder

    This comment is really giving me hope that I'll lose some of what I've gained. I've been really careful, but naturally have been eating a TON more and moving less. Adderall and the weight loss that came with it made me extremely obsessive with working out intensely every day and eating as little as possible. Do you recall gaining a lot of weight predominately in your stomach area? I feel so gross and wide there :/
  5. Did anyone start taking adderall for the appetite suppression aspect or experience worsening of an eating disorder while on it? I was on it daily for 4 years, getting up to 30mg IR daily (I’m only 5’0”) and have been off it for ~75 days now. I lost a decent amount of weight on it, and having struggled with body image and disordered eating for quite some time, I was extremely hesitant to get off of it. In fact, the only reason I came off of it was because I was tapering off of a very low dose of Valium that I was on for about 6 months before stopping the adderall. Ive really been struggling with weight gain, specifically in my midsection. I feel like I’m constantly bloated and my belly fat is disproportionately increasing. I’m not large by any means but I’m really struggling with this, along with low dopamine/Anhedonia. Has anyone experienced fat redistribution after awhile off of adderall? I went from eating probably less than 1000 cals daily and obsession with cutting out as much as possible to being less active, and eating ~1500-1600 on average. I’m trying not to let myself get back on but this part of it has made it very tempting.