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  1. I'm still at zero for the week. It's been near 100 degrees and very humid so I'll have to find a treadmill to run on. I had a slip up yesterday with Vyvanse. Broke a 5 day no pills streak, and I've been off and on this summer after being off for more than 18 months. I just need to get rid of the pills I have. I can feel the terrible effects they have on my body, and I've already been more distant with my fiancé. One of the main reasons I began taking vyvanse was because I thought it helped focus me in social situations and made me more talkative and charming. I'm realized yesterday that unless I'm in that first hour of euphorica it actually makes me lock up and seem off in social situations. After googling most of last night for horror stories of how adderall ruins lives I ran across a pretty interesting article. It's about a guy who was told by his a doctor that "adderall is forever." He ended up quitting. This really motivated me to commit to quitting so I can prove to myself that vyvanse isn't forever.
  2. Good work everyone! I got my 12 in this week and plan to keep going this weekend. Mon: 4.5 Tues: 4.5 Thurs: 4
  3. Did 4.5 miles this morning. I'm starting grad classes and part time work this week and keeping my running routine is going to be key in resisting urges to get back on Vyvanse
  4. Hey everyone, I'm a little late but wanted to join in on the fun. This thread has been both motivating and insightful due to the comments about mental changes and progress etc. I ran 4 today which puts me at 11.5 for the week. I also did 60 push ups or 110 for the week. I'm used to weight training but I want to build up my aerobic endurance since I notice running really helps me balance myself mentally compared to just doing anaerobic training. I'm looking forward to learning more from everyone and hopefully sharing my own progress! Cheers!
  5. Lost Brilliance

    How is everyone dealing with a craving for those rampant moments of brilliance while you were on adderall? I'm talking about those moments where your mind just felt on fire, immensely creative and unstoppable. I want to achieve this sober. I've tried nootropics (piracetam), supplements (tyrosine), and brain exercises (dual n back) but none have compared to the feeling of being on adderall. To be clear, not every moment was like that on adderall... only 1-2 hours after I took it, and not every time.
  6. Hello all, I've got kind of a conundrum. So I'm in law school right now, a place that leaves me crawling with a desire to take vyvanse. I have been off the drug for a little over a year and a half, not counting a one month long relapse where I got another script. Vyvanse was so good to me for the first 6 months or so when I first started taking it, and then I became slowly used to the high I got from it. It helped me most with my social anxiety and overall confidence. After the 6 month honeymoon though, the ups became less frequent and the downs became more common and went deeper than I was comfortable with. I became slightly standoffish with friends (definitely not like my docile personality), and went from social butterfly to a slightly erratic patchwork of fun and outgoing and just plain mean and unpleasant. Now that I think about it I can't be sure if it really did make me worse off than before because it has been so long since I knew what life was like before I met vyvanse. I never needed vyvanse for academics, I had always been a straight A student, and done well on standardized tests etc. I just took it once from a friend, and loved how it made me think so clear and crisp, like I finally figured out how I was supposed to think. Do I need vyvanse? No. Do I want to have it for how amazing it made me feel once upon a time? Yes. Anyways... I adjusted decently to post-vyvanse life: my first semester I've done very well academically, but I'm struggling to find the motivation to look for a summer internship (a very big deal). I've got a appointment in 2 days to see my psych (which I scheduled so I could get back on v). What should I do??? Sincerely, R
  7. Limitless--the movie

    Just saw this movie last night, and I have to say, although it was a typical hollywood thriller it had its moments of insight into the world of adderall. The movie did a nice job of capturing the thrill of experiencing your ultimate potential and free fall back down to reality. Overall it was a decent movie, and a must see for recovering adderall users.
  8. Limitless--the movie

    Here's the full length trailer:
  9. Quitting Adderall movies?

    Just saw this trailer of "Limitless" in the superbowl. The premise is a pill is discovered by a down-and-out writer that lets you access 100% of your brain (basically adderall on, well, adderall). Here's it is:
  10. Just saw a superbowl ad for "Limitless" with Bradley Cooper and Robert Deniro and the plot is eerily what my life felt like on vyvanse. Check it out: