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  1. forgetting words, losing thoughts

    My social skills were very awkward for the first 6 months or so. It gradually returns to normal. I still noticed improvements in my social skills well into my 2nd year sober. It's just part of the recovery process.
  2. Daily headaches. Common withdrawal symptom?

    I used to get frequent headaches, but not as much after quitting. Headaches can stem from a number of things. Are you drinking more or less caffeine since you quit? Caffeine can affect headaches. Are you taking headache medicine (Tylenol, etc.) more than twice a week? If so you could be getting rebound headaches. Foods can trigger headaches such as sugar, cheese, processed meats, alcohol. Are you more sedentary since you quit adderall? Laying around a lot gives me neck and shoulder pain which leads to headaches. Check your standing and sitting posture. Are you slouching? Try to look at screens less, TV. phone, computer. Hope you figure out the cause of the headaches.
  3. Trying to quit 15 straight years of use

    Yes, I was a daily low dose user for 5 years. It takes a long time to feel totally rebalanced - it's really a multi-year process. But if you can muddle through the first year, time will start to fly by. Quit now and go through this process while you're still young. It's the best time! You should join NA or another support group. You will need help beating such a long addiction. Feel free to IM me.
  4. Survey about Relapse

    #1: Maybe I really do have ADD and I need this to function. (Everyone has ADD for a long time after quitting, regardless of whether they had it before adderall) #2: I'm going to get fired if I quit (never happened)
  5. The Ninety Day Challenge

    miniature dachshunds
  6. The Ninety Day Challenge

    I adopted two dogs which forced me to go on walks every day, whether I wanted to or not. I also went hiking a lot with my husband (can't just stop on the middle of a trail). Personal trainer is a great idea. If you paid for it or can't get out of it, that will motivate you.
  7. me today

    I slept 10-11 hours a night for the first year. So glad I didn't have kids.
  8. forgetting words, losing thoughts

    Yes, I think everyone feels awkward socially and conversationally after quitting adderall. It's a normal side effect.
  9. Biggest milestone since quitting adderall

    Good luck! What's your degree in?
  10. The biggest difference between the two substances for me is that I don't drink when I feel bad. I only enjoy drinking when I'm doing it to enhance an already pleasant time time and I'm in a good mood already. Same reason I never got addicted to coke when I did it in my early 20s - I never wanted to do it when I felt bad, only to enhance a good time. Adderall on the other hand.. I wanted it when I felt good, bad, and every mood in between - but especially when I felt bad. So, if you start turning to a substance when you feel bad, that is the road to addiction in my opinion.
  11. One Word Status Update

    I use Zoom, my company's web conferencing software. I think you can get a free version. You could also use Screencastomatic. I pretty much record any task someone has to show me how to do that's more than a few steps.
  12. One Word Status Update

    When I have to do an Excel or database report that I don't know how to do, I have someone show me and record the screencast. That way they only have to show me once and I don't need to remember - I can just watch the video of it next time.
  13. 4 months clean

    Regular light exercise helped me - lots of walking, hiking, and yoga. And time, obviously. 4 months is not a long time to be off a drug.
  14. One Word Status Update

    Sounds like a shitty company culture if people aren't willing to help each other. Maybe you can practice Excel a little on the weekends and look for new jobs on the side.
  15. MTHFR genetic mutation and ADHD/ADD

    My thought is that theory ignores the social and cultural aspects of anxiety, add, depression, etc. We are products of our environment.
  16. my very sad miserable life

    I once read that coffee isn't effective after two cups, so if you drink coffee you shouldn't drink more than 2 cups at a time (ideally per day). I drank 2 cups of coffee per day for the first 3 years off Adderall, now I only drink herbal tea and I feel great. Now if I occassionally have a cup of coffee I really get wired.
  17. Arizona

    I'm in Tempe - feel free to msg me
  18. My vigilance post

    My motivation, confidence, and general badassery burst back hardcore in year 4, if that helps. Also, The War of Art is a gem of a book that kicked my ass into gear and got me out of self pity mode.
  19. The Ninety Day Challenge

    My weight gain peaked at 3 months clean, started gradually losing it after that. I took Adderall for 5 years, around 20-30mg a day.
  20. You can't force your recovery to go faster. You just have to give it time and have faith. You took a drug for 15 years, so a year clean is not that long. The brain takes a long time to heal. You sound like you're doing really well for a year sober, although maybe a job (at least part time) would help you feel more motivated/energetic and give you less time to think about how you're feeling. Either way you can't force yourself to feel a certain way so accept where you're at. It will get so much better each year you are speed free. Your natural resources will return.
  21. My Vigilence Post

    I disagree with the generalization because my husband is the opposite. When he's at work, he's in work mode. When he gets home, he snaps out of work mode immediately. He knows how to compartmentalize different roles, which is key to not letting one aspect of your life define you. He's actually been a role model for me. But I digress. This is a question for Greg to answer
  22. My Vigilence Post

    In the spirit of asking questions: Why is your self-worth tied to your job? What can you do to take the emotion out of working? Instead of thinking you need to add a drug to your life to be successful, what can you remove from your life, so that you have more natural resources to deal with stress?
  23. My Vigilence Post

    Adderall destroyed my confidence - it's taken years to get my natural confidence back completely. I feel like that just finally happened (after 3.5 years). Confidence and motivation were the most valuable things Adderall stole from me, and took the longest to return. Don't set yourself back. Let me reframe your mindset that you 'suck at your new job': I work for a progressive company. The most successful people in my workplace ask questions all the time. All the time. They question everything. They don't purport to know all the answers. Knowing how to do everything isn't the asset it once was because processes and systems are constantly changing. In this day and age, asking questions is so much more important than knowing. (check out this website/book smartest people I know at my workplace ask the most questions, always. (and everyone I work with has a master's/PHD). The more educated people are, the more they know what they don't know. We have a sign on our wall that says "Are you uncomfortable?" because if you're not uncomfortable, you're not challenging yourself. You're not learning. You're not innovating. You don't suck, you are a new employee. Nobody knows what they're doing in the beginning. You are learning new things. Embrace mistakes, because they are shortcuts to learning (you learn faster from mistakes than a series of successes). And, if you're not uncomfortable, then what you're doing isn't challenging enough, period.
  24. Packing Your Life

    Oh god, the StumbleUpon black holes...