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    hey, my name's Cat. just wanted to say to the author of the site here, Mike i believe - yo this is really awesome and i know it's helping so many people, it has already helped me out so i really thank you a lot man! i'm a 23 year old sociology major at auburn university, and unfortunately i got prescribed to adderall (instant release - wtf.) the summer i transferred here from georgia southern univ. - May 2008. basically started on 10mg, 30 count. then later got increased to 60 count on this mg. finally, i ended up on 20mg, 60 count IR. So i was taking 40 mg a day of this shit. of course, and i'm not blaming anyone but myself, i developed a chemical dependency on the adderall, and i found that over time, the 40mg a day wasn't working quite as well as it once had... so i began taking a little more here and there. Anyway, i don't remember the exact order or how my life got to where it is now, but the worst it got for me was right about 120mg in less than a 24 hr. period. uhm, im like freaking 120 lbs. greatt idea - Sike. But about 4 months ago i CXL my reg. adderall Rx and found a new doctor in auburn. he put me on vyvanse & i found it's a lot smoother, and def. known to not take you up so high to the clouds and then drop u back way lower. But i guess since I was abusing my adderall after some time being prescribed to it, maybe it was pretty predictable i would begin to abuse my vyvanse too. well i certainly didnt think that would happen cause my doctor said this vyvanse has like a very veryy low addiction rate or some junk. well, being "brilliant college girl" again i started takin like 2, sometimes 3 a day of my vyvanse instead of just one. not right away but after some time passed i began to do this with the vyvanse. i have a professional counselor who specializes in substance abuse now, and my parents and boyfriend know everything now cause i told em all the shit that i got myself into. i really have made it hard on my relationship with my boyfriend because of all this - excellent adderall and relat. article btw-- but luckily he hasn't blown my ass off yet because he's a wonderful Christian man who truly loves me and has been supportive. thank god. but now i just really dont know what to do, please help me that's why i wrote this whole massive thing out cause i need Mike or someone to give me their advice. There's supposed to be a kick ass rehab place in ft. lauderdale ( my insurance is covering the cost if i go) called "the recovery place" ha- original right?? But i dropped my classes this semester like a month ago, because i gotta get a handle of this shit somehow cause it's really messing up every aspect of my life. suggestions or comments pleaseeee!!! thanks a ton, Cat