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  1. Should I quit Adderall?

    double post, sorry
  2. Should I quit Adderall?

    I agree with cassie. I don't even remember writing what I posted earlier. Don't quit in the middle of everything. Don't take more than your prescribed dose, though. You shouldn't quit anything cold turkey. You will go through withdrawls probably, especially with the doses you've been experiencing. YOu will be exhausted, moody, depressed. withdrawl can be awful. You need to give your brain at least a month to go through all of these bad withdrawl symptoms. It might take 6 months to be completely back to normal. But, you should titrate off... expect a month to recover.. but with titrating you might not need a month. Good luck with everything. Wait to stop everything. Don't take more than you need. Figure out what you need to get by and do that. Don't take more and more to chase a dopamine high, that's the trap right there. That will end up making you disfunctional but you won't really feel ashamed because you are too out of it, right? Take what is prescribed to you every day. Don't skip on the weekends. That's going to throw your body and hormones even more out of whack. Just easy dose it, remember what you are supposed to take every morning, and take that amount and dose every morning... like the dr said. Don't take more because you want to get a boost! You won't get the boost and you'll be disfunctional. Good luck. Don't go through what I went through with the quitting and withdrawls. I had not clue but I was like a bump on a log and very depressed when I quit cold turkey all of a sudden. Not a good thing to do in the middle of a grad school semester like I did. Wait for a break!
  3. Should I quit Adderall?

    I think you should quit. It makes people crazy.
  4. Where do I even begin?

    Why don't you get off the drug and create your own security blanket? Shelter yourself. Do what makes you and your baby happy. One therapist told me.. and this might seem random... she told me that there are some women who sit at home all day and wait for their husbands to come home... and she thinks their children are more stable because of it. I can definitely see that. Being in the rat race causes people to ignore their intuition. Do what you need to do and withdraw, recover, and make you and the baby happy.
  5. Where do I even begin?

    9.2 Abuse and Dependence Psychological Dependence: Psychological Dependence is an emotional need for a drug or substance that has no underlying physical need. For example, people who stop smoking recover physically in a short time. The emotional need for nicotine, however, is much more difficult to overcome. They continually think they need the nicotine to stay calm even though there is no physical need. The drug for the addict is similar to what a security blanket would be for a child (or some adults). I feel your pain about the not loving and playing with the baby. I took adderall when I babysat my nephew starting when he as 3 mos and ending when he was 7 mos. You know what? From my heart, I want to tell you that I think love is the most important thing out of all. That is all they need, lots and lots of love. Withdrawing would be hard when you have responsibilities, though. I lived without it for several months and I had no work ethic whatsoever. I'm a kindergarten teacher's aide. I got nothing done without medicine after being on Adderall for two years. I got mean looks from the other kindergarten teachers. But, the kids loved me. I eventually got back on stimulants bc the Kindergarten lead teacher needed me to be doing my work (filing, managing papers, cleaning up messes, looking around to see what I can be doing to help her). I'll say that I'm getting my work done and am more positive about it, but... I swear, the kids have reacted negatively to my lack of love. It's still OK, but I do recognize in my heart of hearts that those kids needed my love and nurturing, more than they needed the classroom to be organized. One day I didn't take it and they were so happy.
  6. Adderall is EVIL

    quit once-- it's not controlled by the fda. 20/20 did a report on prescription drugs and all of the government agencies reffered abc to each other and wouldn't give any answers. It is a huge problem, and it's the fault of the system. It's common sense and obvious that it's just all about the money.
  7. Once an Addict, Still an Addict

    Unfortunately I am now on Ritalin because I can't function without a stimulant. I hate the Pharmaceutical companies for what they've done to people and how their corrupt industry has damaged a lot of people's lives.
  8. Please go to and tell them about the problems with Adderall. The problems from innocent patients are met with hostility in favor of the drug companies. It's so wrong.
  9. Proof that the Pharmaceutical Companies are the reason for posters problems with meds 1. the companies control the latest, top, best research from Harvard and other university studying the treatment of ADHD (I've seen funded by Shire on all of this research myself) 2. All of the information is not out there. It is hidden by the Pharmaceutical companies so that they can make money 3. EVERY patient should be aware of the research that has been done that can prevent their problems Adderall ruined who I was. It ruined my relationships. I think it ruined my mind permanently, too.
  10. I want the old me back!

    OK, I feel like a person again! A month off of adderall, I am not starting to get the normal fears back. I'm worried about my dopamine receptors and I'm also very worried about the fact that I'm not in a relationship at 25. I'm worried all the loving guys are already loving their girlfriends right now!! So.... I guess that's a good fear to have right now, right? I know that if I hadn't been taking adderall I would be in a loving relationships. My relationships were never rocky before I got on that stuff. Oh well! Things are getting better. I will keep updating.
  11. Seeking support and/or advice

    phew, I just want to encourage you all...My life is not ruined. Things are getting back to normal. I am feeling great today. I am interested in my friends again. It's still painful to think about how I backtracked while taking adderall.. but I still have a lot going for me, which is ok... I am worried about my dopamine receptors the most. I'm also worried about the fact that i'm 25 and live in a small town and had two rocky relationships that would not have been rocky had it not been for adderall. I'm just hoping I haven't ruined my chances of getting married soon. I think I'd be in a relationship and have a job by now. It's ok, though... I will keep updating for you all.
  12. Adderall is EVIL

    I had the same side effects as you!! My hair thinned as well. What brand did you take??
  13. Crashed and burned, now clean

    I couldn't get anything done right and it was making me look physically sick. Did you all know that the brand of adderall matters? I had no idea there was a difference between generic and brand names for adderall... there are different effects. This might be why it turned into something so terrible and was inconsistent. I just found this out last night. I'm so confused about all of this. It's a shame dr.'s don't read up on adderall and how it's supposed to affect people with ADHD. It's a shame they don't warn people about these very serious effects the drug can have on people's lives.
  14. Darker teeth?

    Thanks a lot, this actually makes me confused and it's kind of funny. I mentioned "purple teeth" or darker teeth to my dr. He was very considerate and acted like it was actually something he'd seen. he said yea, they look a litle darker" haha, he said it would be ok and offered no explaination. I think I actually told him gums. Well, I feel like an idiot. Gosh, Adderall has honestly made me a little loopy. of course my teeth aren't purple. I don't know what's wrong with my brain these days, I really don't. I never used to be like this, honest. I've only not been taking it for a month. The farther I get away from that stuff, the better...
  15. Seeking support and/or advice

    I hope I can mend what happened in my closest relationships. I will never take that stuff again. The people I love the most do not look at me the same. I fell like my brain is damaged too. I have no motivation, will power, or anything. The natural discipline I once had is not kicking in anywhere. I feel like I quit Adderall and it dropped me like a ton of bricks. I've only been off of it for a month, though, so maybe it will continue to get better. Still, I'm so ashamed. My whole family knows I took it for two years and now I LOOK like a recovering drug addict. I looked worse when I was on Adderall, but I still look awful. It has only been a month. Maybe I will get back to normal soon. My main complaint is... I lost my friends, my family, my dignity, character, respect. Honestly, I lost all of these things. I will be angry forever because I had absolutely no warning whatsoever... unacceptable. I did not deserve what happened to me. I lost so much that I can't get back, including my health, which has affected my appearance. I honestly feel like my life is ruined.