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  1. One Word Status Update

    Ironman Chattanooga 2017!!!!
  2. The #1 worst thing about Adderall

    The feeling of dependency to something externally outside myself. It left me feeling powerless and paralyzed when I ran out early, but couldn't get any. I remember the times I would find myself going off on the doctor's admins if they did not call me back in time to pick up my prescription the day I had it planned. And then there was the feeling of knowing I was 150% hooked and that I'd never be able to quit for good. I felt doomed.
  3. Rachel, I started off on Ritalin, then Concerta, then to Adderall. Yes, they are all stimulants and do the same thing. Who gives a shit if they are extended release or not. They are speed. Maybe the psychs should take these pills and see how it works for them before handing them out like candy to their patients. I am not a psychiatrist, counselor, or have any formal training. However, I am someone that has taken all these drugs along with doing coke and guess what? They all do the same thing. They make you high and your brain becomes dependent on them to function. Screw the psychs and all their medication b.s. Get clean and you won't have to deal with this nightmare anymore. No more depending on the pharmacy, scripts, doctor visits, and relying on pills. I honestly can't believe you are in a program for addiction and they prescribed you yet another stimulant. Mind blowing. I was sober for 6 months back in 2003 when I was put on ritalin. Then I switched to concerta. These drugs triggered the urge for MORE. I wanted to keep the high going. 6 months later I relapsed on alcohol and then switched to adderall. My life fell apart. Just get clean. That is my best piece of advice. Best wishes To further reiterate my point, this article sums it up. Although Concerta might not be as strong as adderall, it is still speed. The effects hit after 40--45 minutes and you get that initial euphoric high for the first hour. Then it slowly wears off over the next 8-12 hours but you are still left in that robotic trance like zombie state. Do you really want to live the rest of your life in that state? Or having to fight urges and cravings for more of the drug? Just break free from the trap of all of it and do not take any of them. Find an ADD specialist that can help you find alternative ways to cope with concentration without drugs.