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About Me

My adderall free birthdate is 11/12/2010. :smile: It took me a total of 5 attempts in 2 years to get off adderall.  It was extremely difficult to part ways with this drug for the first few years, but I don't think about it anymore.  I am emotionally stable today and doing awesome.

If you ever need someone to talk to, please don't hesitate to message me. I'd love to hear from you. It really helps me to help others. There is nothing more rewarding!

And to anyone out there who doesn't think they can get off adderall....BELIEVE me when I tell you....IF I CAN DO IT...YOU CAN TOO!!


P.S. If you want to read more about my story.....I'm Elizabeth from the Self Magazine article below.


P.P.S My replacement addiction for adderall has been racing for the past 5 years.  Not sure if I will do so many races this year as I feel I'm ready to tackle some new interests, but for me racing has been an integral part of my recovery.  They've kept me motivated, excited, feeling amazing, energetic, has been a great social outlet meeting others to train, on track with a healthy diet, and something I know I won't do if I relapse because I'll feel like crap and be hungover.  This list reminds me that I am WAY STRONGER and more awesome without that poison!!


San Antonio Half Marathon 11/2011

The Woodlands Half Marathon 3/2012 (1:37)
Galveston Half Ironman 4/7/2012
Ironman Texas 5/19/2012 (12:51)
Town Lake Olympic Triathlon 8/2012
Ten for Texas 9/2012
Austin Half Ironman 10/2012
San Antonio Half Marathon 11/2013
Oilman Half Ironman 11/7/2013
Capital City Half Marathon 5/2014
Flying Pig Half Marathon 5/2014
Pelotonia 100 Mile Ride 8/2014
Scioto 10 Miler 9/2014
Columbus Marathon 10/2014
New Moon Half Marathon 5/31/2015
TOSERV 100 Mile Ride 5/2015
Mohican Olympic Triathlon 6/2015
Emerald City Half Marathon 8/23/2015

Columbus Half Marathon 10/2015
Turkey Trot 4 miler 11/2015
Snowflake 5k 12/2015
Broke Man's Half Marathon 1/2016
Xenia Half Marathon 3/2016
Glass City Half Marathon 4/1/2016
New Moon Half Marathon 5/2016
TOSERV 200 Miles 5/7&8/2016
Mingo Man Olympic Triathlon 7/7/2016
Delaware Half Ironman 8/21/2016 (6:10)
Color Run 5k 8/2016
Cupcake 5k 10/2016
Columbus Marathon 10/17/2016 - Upcoming
Houston Half Marathon 1/13/2017 -Upcoming