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  1. Mr. No personality

    What's lil tex cost/benefit? I can barely read this site on the iphone. I must admit, I am really looking for an excuse to "party". I'm bored as hell, and still a mess at work.
  2. Mr. No personality

  3. Mr. No personality

    Hi, I am still not using adderall or celexa or ritalin for 11 days or so, and I feel great. My mind and health are definitely better, but my underlying anger problem has resurfaced too. I have contimplated popping an adder in the near future to "get some shit done" in work, but I'm going to try and stay off the mind control pills.
  4. Mr. No personality

  5. Mr. No personality

    No, I dont sell them. currency is a bad analogy. What I mean is for example, being a person who has access to something people want. Also, occasional01: you show understand this well. I think your description is truth to power. This adhd thing is a fucking joke.
  6. Mr. No personality

  7. Mr. No personality

    Well stated. I understand you know the truth. I am just having a tough time letting go of that script. As many of you know, some of these controlled substances are like currency and they are good to have for "rainy days". 4 days and I feel fine.
  8. Mr. No personality

  9. Mr. No personality

    I am quitting, and havent partied in 4 days now. I just want insurance in case I need it for what I was supposed to take it for in the first pay attention in meetings, seminars, trainings. My problem was that I was taking it every 4 hours of everyday for nothing or to just be a lunatic.
  10. Mr. No personality

  11. Mr. No personality

    I have a bundle stashed already, but yes I want to fill the script. Why? Because I will want them again even though they drain my soul out of my pores. And they are slightly difficult to get unless you doctor shop. All the junkies sell em for Heroin.
  12. Mr. No personality

    I'm still good, thanks. I've been sleeping terrible at night and sweating profusely during the day. I must have maxed out my adrenal glands on that shit for so long. I have an appt to see my shrink where I get my scripts for XRs. I know I shouldn't go, but the dare I say addict in me wouldnt miss it. Its the only appt. I ever keep.
  13. Mr. No personality

  14. Mr. No personality

    Man, im dying to pop one today, but I wont. I am dragging ass today. Gonna get a coffee and fresh air instead. Just for the record, I was laughing all day yesterday. Granted, i was over-tired as hell, but it was still better than a stone face and eyes bugging out.
  15. Mr. No personality