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  1. Zoom Meetup

    Any update on the zoom meeting?
  2. I have seen the topic of lion's mane discussed a few times before. Hopefully, this article will be helpful. http://wakeup-world.com/2014/10/07/lions-mane-a-smart-mushroom-choice-for-memory-mood-and-clarity/
  3. positive observations

    I don't miss the horrible GERD that was so bad that I considered nissen fundoplication surgery. I took all sorts of medications and went to specialists. I was just so deep in denial I couldn't make the connection between it. Now I only have normal heartburn occasionally. My positive observation is I just had a delicious cup of espresso with out worrying about GERD or over analyzing how it might impact the strength of my last or next adderall dose.
  4. this is so hard

    How are you holding up dangerbean? I can relate to everything your saying. I don't have much advice tonight, but offering some support and encouragement.
  5. Articles on Adderall...

  6. I need some prayers please

    In my prayers. I am so sorry:(
  7. Articles on Adderall...

    The author of the Verge article seems to be still in the delusional phase of adderall addiction. I am sure others can relate(I know I did more times than like to admit) when you allow yourself to relapse because think your just going to use adderall as a tool and not get addicted this time. I really hope it works out that way for him, but from my experiences it doesn't usually work out that way.
  8. Articles on Adderall...

    Comparing netflix to speed?
  9. Articles on Adderall...

    I know! It really is disturbing!
  10. Articles on Adderall...

  11. Please Donate

    It is working now:)
  12. Articles on Adderall...

    In the spirit of fairness this also came from that site. http://elitedaily.com/life/how-pharmaceutical-corporations-are-strategically-drugging-america/
  13. Articles on Adderall...

    Sorry I should have put them all in one post. This is actually supposed to be a fun about going out entitled "19 Internal Debates A Girl Has When Deciding If She Should Stay In Or Go Out". Here is number 12 from the list: "12. If you ate a weed edible earlier in the day, you’re staying in; if you took Adderall instead of your vitamins, you’re going out. http://elitedaily.com/women/19-internal-debates-a-girl-has-when-deciding-if-she-should-stay-in-or-go-out/605579/ This is form a popular site that claims to be "The Voice of Generation-Y".
  14. Articles on Adderall...

    I think that is a great idea Sweet Caroline! It surprises me how frequently I see articles involving adderall. Unfortunately, the majority are misinformed or trying to put a comic slant on the increasing use this drug and the side effects. Funny the stigma and reaction would be very different if many of these type of articles were written about opiate or any other narcotic abuse. Maybe it is a start at least getting out there in the public. The knowledge and resources for people with addiction to pain medications has vastly increased in the last ten years and we all know that addiction has been around far longer than that. I invite other members to share links here when they see any articles involving stimulants or other related topics even if there not geared to addiction. I can often relate to some part of it even if I do not overall agree and occasionally have a laugh or gain some new insight. Here are two more that have popped up in my news feed: http://elitedaily.com/humor/generation-why-we-put-the-add-in-adderall/ http://elitedaily.co...derall-college/
  15. Please Donate

    Where do we go to donate? Is there a place to use a credit card or an address to mail a check? This site has given me so much it would be the least I could do.