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  1. Ok. Day One

    Days 4 - 11 Not as tired but I have found a increased need for Caffeine to get me through the day. Also weight gain is apparent, time to start back hitting the gym. I got offered an opportunity of a life time, my dream job. Starts in a few weeks very excited.
  2. Seeking support and/or advice

    I second that! I feel it too, and it's great. Hillman - If it's right with your girl, she'll come around, if not it might be for the best. THINGS HAPPEN FOR A REASON. It seems like wrestling was a big part of your life, have you ever considered getting back into it. Or maybe just involved somehow, like volunteering at a local high school wrestling team. It might help ignite some of your passion and helping other people will get some positive endorphines flowing.
  3. Ok. Day One

    Day 2 and 3 - Guys things are not that bad without the little magic pills. In fact, I can feel some of my old self creeping back into my head. I'm not as productive at work, but who cares I hate what I'm doing anyway and that's the real problem. I feel tired but it hits heavy in waves. Which have been around 2 and 4 o'clock I have found that just closing my eyes for 5- 10 mins helps dramatically. I find that drinking a lot of water seems to help and watching sand-up to keep spirits up. Other that that things are good.
  4. Ok. Day One

    ok no more crack. I started to take adderall in college to cram before big tests. No big deal at the time, maybe once every month. Then I got a job out of college which I hated so I got a script to 30mg a day. Magic! The job got better, and I slowly lost myself. 4 years later and I'm still working in similar job, but I've become a very bitter, unhappy, no since of humor-asshole. ....And it time for a change. So today is my frist cold turkey day. I've stepped down to 15mg over the last 6 months so I'm hoping for the best with the cold turkey thing. My plan is to take it easy and maybe listen to some motivational audiobooks it's not a bad thing to have someone in your ear building you up. I'll try to keep writing if I can find the energy. I'm off to kick some drugfree ass, wish me luck!