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  1. Wow - This is the Place for Me!

    I'm not sure I know how to navigate the forums or post responses but I am learning. Am I editing somebody lses response? Anyway, I am hopeful after seeing this post from soobee that I will also feel rebuilt after a year. i am only three months into the quit and it has not been a very productive summer.
  2. Hey tinybuddha- I started taking tyrosine the day before I quit adderall and have been taking it now for almost three months. It comes in 500 or 1000 mg doses. I started with the 500 mg doses taken 3-4 times per day. The 1000's work well too (I get a euphoric buzz when I take a 1,000 mg pill), but I like spreading it out over the day - it is more even that way. Tyrosine is a wonderful mood stabilizer or even a mood elevator. It keeps that horrible post-adderall depression from coming on. No tolerance so far. No neg side affects or withdrawl. Take it on empty. Buy good quality like GNC brand. It is the precursor amino acid to phenylananine, which itself is a building block of seratonin.
  3. I couldn't have done it without the supps. A good multivitamin, triple strength fish oil, and most importantly, L-Tyrosine 1500-3000 mg per day. Also, Red Bull, 5-hour energy, coffee and iced tea all at once or on alternating days. Whatever it takes to stay off them. About 80 days so far with no cravings.