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  1. my weight

    Thank you so much for responding.. I have always been a health freak actually.. I always have had a very clean diet.. I still do. On addy I defiantly didnt eat as much, and of course I was always speedy which is why I am sure I kept that weight off. I still do it clean.. and actually eating more smaller meals a day. Healthy ones. I am very cautious of nutrition and I never really eat junk food. You would think by the way I eat I would be a twig. I dont bing, I dont eat fatty. I dont even eat meat. I have a very clean diet. Protein, veggies and fruit. I think my body just went into some sort of shock getting off the adderall. and especially because I didnt ween off. So I think what my problem really is at this point, is lack of exercise. I also just moved from NY or Florida. and I am going through that change as well. I dont know many people, I feel a little isolated.. just have no motivation to go to the gym and burn this off. If you were to look at me.. you wouldnt say I looked fat. But I take a lot of pride in how I look and although I may carry 40 pounds well.. I dont like how I feel.. I have more time than ever now at this point in my life to make the gym a second home. And i just dont go.. I dont even want to interact with people.. I dont sit around an eat all day.. but I am not burning what I do eat. And im used to relying on the stupid adderall! I just feel all depressed and unmotivated and NOT LIKE MYSELF.. I still crave it.. and want it .. just to feel like that superwoman again. This is so hard.. I really appreciate your support!
  2. my weight

    Thank you. Yes this has been difficult.. I am 26 years old and have been on it since the age of 15 with a break once or twice, but when right back on. I went through extremely bad withdrawals a month ago.. cried, freaked out, confused, extremely tired. Now I just want my body back. I am learning to train my brain to focus and not depend on it which is hard.. But yes, the bathroom part you mentioned is very true.. I also feel adderall caused me tension and IBS. So being that I dont have it now, my metabolism slowed down a lot. I used to wake up take it.. go to the bathroom within a half hour.. start my day. And did this as a routine for years. When I started in in highschool I was stayed at 118lbs for a while then as I got older and adjusted to the adderall my wieight would NOT BUDGE from 135ish.. now that ive stopped.. I cant believe how easy 40 pounds packed on.. I am going to get the vitamin you suggested today as well as some others. Maybe this will also give me motivation to go to the gym again. I used to be a fitness freak in the gym 6 days a week for years.. I think being on adderall for so long I just lost interest.. I am an attractive girl and I dont mean to sound vain but I take a lot of pride in how I look. And this is making me EXTREMELY depressed. Thank you for your support.. I hope these vitamins work and I can feel good again!!
  3. my weight

    Can someone please help.. I have been an adderall user forever.. prescribed it. I had to cut cold turkey due to health insurance reasons. It has been about 3 months and I have gained an easy 40lbs!! I am really considering buying a months worth tomorrow from someone I know.. to just ween myself off eventually.. I was at a healthy weight before. I am 5'4 and was 130..since being off adderall I have gained almost 40lbs .. I am freaking out. I have no motivation, I am almost lethargic without it. I dont even want to go outside or leave the house. This is so horrible I don't want to depend on this drug.. But I am not happy, I am over weight now.. and very upset.