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  1. Quitting Adderall movies?

    Ive watched soooooo many movies since I went off adderall, I don't think that I was ever able to sit down and finish one when I was always so anxious and there was something else to do that feeling of soethng having to be done all the time. I was never able to watch tv or movies now i enjoy them so much. and movie theatres and adderal forget about it! lol Not to say that its great to sit around and watch movies all day and night but Id rather do that to cope than what was going on before, the embarassingly bad effects that adds had on me for the past 8 years. anyways Im trying to think of some movies that are great. Office space is hilarious. I think that I would give anything to sit down at my table with a few of us x-add people and talk!
  2. Oh wow, I dont miss the doctor shopping days at all. Your story is all too familiar, I along with my adderall buddy used to always get into these messes. In fact I wish he was on this site and off of the addy train today we had a big falling out a big part to do with adderall. It got really messy the last year of my abuse with two doctors, shortage of pills and a cocktail addy's and zanex. I am 6 months clean now and starting my first jobs in life without it. Ii am in no means as creative as I was and have at times moments where i miss it so much, but your story brought me so much joy in being a quitter and laughter when i think of the ridiculous situations i put myself in, I don't miss my doctors or pharmacists at all. and that cycle i ran in circles around for the past years... cheers to moving on.... Thanks for sharing Courtney
  3. Day 5

    Yah you are funny especially because I can relate with you in so many ways...Only one who has experienced the "adderall world" as mIke puts it, can understand exactly and catch your humor spot on! I have just found this site... Its so incredible to finally hear real honest up to date live emotion of others going thru it... I have felt so alone lost in my frazzled in paradise... experiencing that "mourning" that mike talks about..I am literally mourning the beloved blue pill. orange if i got lucky. for me its been almost five months without..and i'm still grabbing a hold of any ritalin I can get my paws on in the tropics. They seem not to be so found of the drug in Asia. But California loved it! The only thing stopping me is that Im in a country right now that I cant get adderol and my stock has run out...ouch..i think(i feel) deep inside I know its my best blessing. Its givng me the time and space to see how fucked up my life got on adderall. It really did. so many mistakes. so many ways. humility. I bit the apple and with deep regrets i wish i never did. I can only move forward grabbing on to any help i can get in hopes i wont turn back!