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  1. A month and a half clean

    I can tell I'm not as witty as I used to be, I hope my mental state improves *fingers crossed*
  2. A month and a half clean

    I read somewhere that one of the best things for overcoming an addiction is to find something else to be obsessed with. I've started training for a marathon, a few weeks ago I ran 13 miles as part of my training. Certain aspects of my recovery I'm proud of, but others aren't going so well. I find myself always dwelling on my mental state and comparing how I am now to how I used to be, it also seems like my temper is worse. If I find a task that takes ANY effort whatsoever mentally, I find myself just getting angry. Does anyone have any tips for this? Also, does anyone have any good tips for staying sober? I'm just looking forward to that year and a half mark, at that point the brain has 80% of normal dopamine levels
  3. When does normal mental sharpness return?

    I was never on it consecutively for very long. I'd go on little spurts for a few weeks every now and then and run out. I don't think there will be a "new me." Just a me that has to resist taking something that's damaging.
  4. When does normal mental sharpness return?

  5. When does normal mental sharpness return?

  6. When does normal mental sharpness return?

    Thanks for the reply. This site is definitely going to be a key tool in my recovery process. Before it, I wasn't aware of what I needed nutritionally and whatnot after quitting. I'm almost a month sober off it. I'll just keep running and meeting my nutritional needs, and hopefully things turn out well .
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  8. Advice on supplementation

    I've been off adderall about a week. My withdrawal symptoms were sleeping for about 4 days (practically all day) I just relapsed and now it's back the drawing board. I own "Focus Factor." which is taking the place of my multi-vitamin until what I ordered comes in the works decent I suppose.
  9. Books on recovery..

    Does anyone know any good reads on recovery from Adderall abuse?
  10. I was wondering if anyone knows the vital vitamins for brain recovery from adderall, and if anyone could tell me what's helped them cope with withdrawal. A list of vitamins that you know aid in the recovery process would be useful, thanks!