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  1. Has anyone had any experience with straterra??? If so please share....i cant take it anymore....i need help.... my backround is a severe adderall addict. Stimulants of any kind if not adderall. Also have terrible adhd though. It is very hard to be a parent and set good examples for a child when i cant even take care of myself properly, the laziness from quitting adderall is unbearable.
  2. Im sure more than half the people on here visit this section, read about ur area, think about joining a support group, but wont actually plan to meet up with other adderallics. LETS BE HONEST!! IF YOU ARE AN6THING LIKE ME, AND IM ASSUMING MOST PEOPLE ON HERE, DURING UR RECOVERY (especially when ur at a very low point) YOU DONT WANT TO GO OUT AT ALL! Sure, maybe in the very beginning i think we all experience that sort of what i call, adderall word vomit where u want to do nothing accept talk about adderall nonstop and how ur quitting and thats how we all end up here, because we find others that want to talk about it too... But how many of us actually have successfully gone to meetup with soneone or have even gone to some type of support meeting at all?? If u have how was it? Please share... If u havent, im just here to say im willing to put forth the effort and actually go to something like this or go out of my way to make time to meet with people every once in a while even if it involves traveling if a group of people would like to get together. One huge thing ive been noticing is not just lack of ambition, its the consequences of that lack of ambition during recovery. Over the years addicted to adderall, ive lost many friends and missed out on many social events since i had become such a hone body always working on "projects". The depression while quitting is harsh,and not having friends during it really makes it worse. I know i always feel too embarrassed to even go out, im at a 3 month really hard time, and i cant even function well enough to shower daily.. But who better to understand than people on this site? I feel like im kinda askin for a far stretch here, let me know if anyone has any opinions on this! I am located in illinois, if anyone in illinois or close by is intetested let me know! But really this could be for anybody!
  3. The 60 day challange "reloaded"

    Almost At 100 days,, furthest ever! Feeling ok, a little better I guess. Got any other tips? What's gettin u by?
  4. The 60 day challange "reloaded"

    GDTRFB, how r u feeling??
  5. The 60 day challange "reloaded"

    Thanks:) Feels good to hear. Good job to u too!
  6. I can still taste the sweetness of the adderall, I still crave it more than anything... The only tie I get it anymore is in my dreams, but when I w me up, its in a sweat. I just try my hardest to fall asleep and take more, sometimes it works! Sounds crazy, I like it but I hate it, it makes me crave it, even though I am 86 days clean of it. Does anyone else experience this? It's scaring me I'm craving it bad lately, ok guess I could use some tips
  7. The 60 day challange "reloaded"

    I'm on day 85! I haven't been great though, I went off my antidepressants and I have taken Vicodin a few times, so it could be from that. I'm still feeling very lethargic, I just don't want to do's a bummer. And I totally get the whole wellbutrin taking away personality, I feel lime that's what it did to me, it makes sense... The first time or two I quit I could feel the reAl me coming back, this time around is taking much longer,I hope the quitting Prozac and wellbutrin will better for me. Has a b gone else felt possible side effects from quitting wellbutrin?
  8. I know that feeling songbirds! How far along are u now? And how are u feeling?
  9. I am the happiest I have been in years

    Was it u who mentioned u take straterra SweetCarolina? And tanks for sharing, i feel to lazy to even want to do that or be healthy, i cared so much more about my health on adderall. I just cant seem to want to do the right things right now. Were u like that since the beginning of ur recove4y?
  10. Ive seen all of those except following...ill have to check it out. I feel like ive done nothing but smoked weed and have seen every netflix series :\ Yet i dont feel like getting off the couch!!! Idk i just dont feel completely ready, im sure all the weight gain has taken a toll on my body. Is this normal for anyone else?
  11. The 60 day challange "reloaded"

    Just made it past day 60. Next step...? Anyone close to this stage?
  12. Scares me that im the only one who has stayed uo for a week straight. It really takes a toll on ur body. Up for 3 days was the norm for me. InRecovery do u have any addicting netflix series u could share?
  13. 8 Stages of Amphetamine Use/Abuse

    Does anyone else feel they have been unfortunate enough to make it to stage 8?
  14. I am the happiest I have been in years

    it's so great you feel better and Are doing so well after only 4 months. May i ask what ur usual daily dosage was? And throughout ur recovery did u lean on any other meds to recover? Drugs in general...weed, anti depressants, anti anxiety, etc. (Not including the straterra). I am 2 and a half months in, but i have not experienced any sort of true hPpiness or true laughter. I have an apt with dr tomorrow for straterra. I know everyone is different, im just wondering ur steps to ur successful first time quitting i felt thise feelings day to day, but i never made it to 4 months, so i dont know if it is because i have never made it that far or if it has to do with my relapsing a few t8mes throughout this past year. Please share more of ur story, its great to hear about other peoples happiness off addy when all u want at the moment is to take one. Thanks
  15. I am interested as well. Is this something that i will benefit from* im two months from addy
  16. I am on day 64 without Adderall. I am wanting a Ritalin today I am overwhelmed and have such bad anxiety idk what to do. Does anyone have any info that states ur brain is automatically set back to the first stage by just a little? Doesn't any progress help? Is giving urself a little after doing so well the worst thing ever??? Answers please :/
  17. When does this non linear stage hit? And be I didnt know it was going to get worse!!! How ling have u been clean now krax??
  18. Yes, im on wellbutrin 300mg a day. I feel like it makes me angry :/ So ur from illinois?? Do u come to il anymore? Family here? And thNks for the advice on that other post
  19. Apparently that just isnt an excuse for people who dont understand it! Thats the hard part :/
  20. Thank u so much krax, u know ur the onky person ive heard that from...its hard to feel like ur doing good when everyone in ur life is coming down on u. My boyfriend compkains constantly about how the hiuse isnt clean and im lazy. Its not like im already not upset with myself enough you know? Im just so sick of crying... And justinw ur right, i just didnt think it would have that much effect ir set me back much by just doing it a day or two...i hope i was wrong and there is an excuse for this laziness
  21. Chicago

    Would everyone on here or in illiniis (or close) like to schedule a meeting maybe once a month if possible???
  22. I want u all to know how sweet u were to reply to this topic. I would love to accept the praise from u but i cant, i failed. I was too much of a coward to even read the posts thoriughly. My mind was made up. I relapsed again. I have been clean since february 10th now. But today has been one hell of a day. This past week has been bad. Just checking in to see how everyone else is. Especially u iyvey, did u make it past day 10?! Is it just me or does it feel like a million times worse trying to quit after several relapses? I do t even feel good about quitting anymire i just feel like a failure..
  23. I hate myself

    hey kori! yea that arm shit is crazy scary. HOW ARE YOU DOING? unfortunately for me, after the furthest I have ever gotten, 63 days, I relapsed less than 10 pills in 1-2 weeks. I'm so mad but I felt that I needed it. My boyfriend, daughter and I and our 5 pets are going through forclosure and trying to find a place before December 1st. so it was a hardtime, but I guess that's what we all go through when we take it its during the hard times. it just really sucks starting all over for like the billionth time hows everyone else too? any advice? how can I stop hating myself?
  24. I hate myself

    Kori how are u doing??? I went to ER at my ending Adderall stage too. the chest heart and left arm were always numb and cramping. That's what scared m and made me quit. I didn't want to die at age 22 and leave my daughter without a mother. That scare is important, its ur body telling u too stop. I had those panics way too much, I took them for granite. ur body is saying ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. u may do it again, and I guarantee u will panic and have those issues again. Hopefully it scares u enough to stay away from th pills. just think of that feeling beforeever taking them. U sound very distraught. It is very obvious u r at the beginning of ur quitting, and u need to talk it out. U need to come to this site and let out everything, cuz holding it in causes anxiety and rapid thoughts and wanting the pill even more because its all that's on ur mind. trust me 50 days today and I still feel that way but it has calmed downalot . I remember ur stage perfectly, I cannot bleive I am someone on here talking to someone that was in my place not long ago, its weird I still feel I need advice and help so much, I still check this site, but I remember the first couple days checking it every 20 minutes just needing someone to talk to. hang in there. im here if u need to talk.
  25. I hate myself

    FW, how far are you now? And if u don't mind me asking, which problems do u know all to well? the mind issues, like processing things and confusion, boredom, etc.? the possibility of other drugs interacting with clarity/taking other drugs? needing othr drugs? or did u have experience with taking antidepressants, good or bad? ANY info would be appreciated. Talking to everyone on here is great, but no one is the same, or recovers the same. So I try to put pieces of other peoples experience to answer one of my issues, kind of like a puzzle LOL. I just wanna know any experiences close to mine. and opinions. THANKS FOR UR INPUT