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  1. addicted?

    Hello Liv, Please quit. For the first couple of years that I took adderall, I was a huge advocate of it. Now, I don't know what I was thinking. It is very scarey to think of being without it, I know. The longer you are on it, the worse it will be. There are tons of ways to manage ADD without chemicals. It's more work than taking a pill, but worth it. The pills are not making you anything you aren't already. You are smart and capable.
  2. just rambling!

    My story is no different than anyone elses. I started taking adderall 9 years ago, and now I don't want to anymore. I'm on day 5 and it is horrible. Can a person sleep too much? Apparently not! Christmas time is not the best time to quit, as there is an endless supply of sweets to eat. I can feel my thighs grow as I write! So I eat, I sleep, I whine and complain. This is how I get through the days. Luckily I have a job which allows me to show up late, leave early and write posts about my misery while on the clock! My boss and co-workers are very sympathtic so far. We'll see how long they stick with me. I'm not the easiest person to be around. Of course, I'm a real peach under "normal" circumstances. Speaking of "normal", I'm scared to death to discover what that means. It's be so long since I've been free from the drug that I can't hardly remember what I was like. Am I going to be able to function? I did ok for the first 35 years of my life, I think. I was diagnosed with ADD after my son was. I found it impossible to help keep him on track when I couldn't find my own backpack! Now my kids are out of school and my life is much less complicated. I just don't see the need anymore. I know I can maintain with post its instead of chemicals. Post its are much easier to get and quit. And they have such pretty colors. Yes, I really do have ADD! My husband has been very kind and encouraging, but he doesn't know me drug-free. What if he doesn't like me? I know this is all silly, how could he not like me? But with any addiction, it's hard to imagine what life will be like without it. I know that after this god awful withdrawal crap, I am the same person, but more of "me". My closest friends have told me that they don't notice a difference with or without, but I have. I know I was more fun-loving, spontaneous and creative. I like those things about me and miss them. I look forward to seeing that side of me again. I'm just rambling on to keep from looking at the clock. Wish me luck everyone. Five more hours and I get to go home and take a nap. What's for lunch?