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  1. Share Your Post Quit Accomplishments

    Yes, which I'm happy to share more privately. Honestly, one of the things I'm most grateful for is having honest relationships with other people who have gotten to know the "real" me, and the self-acceptance that's required to be vulnerable enough to form meaningful relationships. In many ways, I had been running from myself my entire life. I was never good enough, and Adderall was the perfect tool to mask that. I'm no longer afraid of being "found out." This has given me freedom beyond what I knew was possible, allowing me to pursue personal and professional aspirations that used to be mere pipe dreams, despite my academic and early professional success while on Adderall (which quickly fell apart as my use crossed that magic line). I'm doing some pretty big things now, showing up for life and other people like I was never capable of before. And, though it doesn't feel like it all the time, and I'm certainly still my biggest critic, I'm clearly operating at a level FAR above where I was on Adderall. It's taken time and persistence...getting comfortable feeling uncomfortable. Oh and falling on my face a couple times.
  2. Using Wellbutrin to help quit

    I was off everything for my first six months. Been completely sober thew hole time, but started using Wellbutring at the six month mark because my depression and focus weren't getting better. Was on it for two years I believe. Think it really helped.
  3. Adderall caused thyroid/adrenal issues?

    Gotcha. Sorry to hear that. Ohhh doctors...if we've learned anything from our experience with Adderall and doctors (both before getting on and after), you've got advocate for yourself even/especially with medical professionals. FWIW, had an enormous rebound around six months, and then another level shift higher in my second year. People on here who got into regular exercise seem to have shorter physical recovery times. I've only gotten back into it the last 18 months or so and it's having a dramatic impact.
  4. Awesome post. Should be turned into an article that's fixed to the home page.
  5. Adderall caused thyroid/adrenal issues?

    If you haven't already, bring it up to your doctor and get blood work done.
  6. Adderall caused thyroid/adrenal issues?

    Yes. Had serious adrenal/thyroid issues towards the end of my use. Completely gone now. Quit and stay quit.
  7. Quick 17month update

    I pound 2-4 cases of seltzer/week. Maybe that's the secret...
  8. 7 year addiction & now cancer. I need to quit now.

    Short answer? No. Longer answer: I know many who have tried, only to find themselves using even more than when they set out to cut back, with disastrous consequences. Really not trying to be dramatic here. I've just seen it over and over. "Once pickled, never a cucumber."
  9. Snorting ~150mg Adderall every day that I can

    Let them know that after you've been off it for a year or two. I know Tony Robbins's work well. I still use some of it. Same with Psycho Cybernetics, which is arguably the original and still the best visualization/feeling-state handbook. Big fan. But I think he's dead wrong on addiction. I'm glad you're feeling so good early on. I hope it sticks. But no big deal if it doesn't. Your priority should be staying clean regardless of how you feel. Who cares about making big predictions for the future? What's the big need to evangelize to people that they can recover immediately, which flies in the face of all scientific evidence, my experience, and the experience of dozens I know on here and in real life? I mean, I'm wired to do that as well, as are many of us with ADD. I've found it much more effective to set goals, a vision, and to break them down and live to the best of my ability one day at a time. And for what it's worth, this is coming from someone who has a lot to show for his four and a half years clean. Stay humble so you don't have to get humbled. Stay close to these forums and we'll be here when you need support. In the mean time, make hay when the sun shines! Enjoy your new life clean, and please keep sharing about it. All the best with your new position. Also, throw that bottle of Adderall out. It's unoriginal. Many on the forums here have kept some around early on with some BS rationalization. Whether it becomes a problem or not down the road is irrelevant. It's low hanging fruit.
  10. Dexamphetamine

    Dex is a component of Adderall. Exact same problem. You're in the right place. Welcome.
  11. An Update And The Word I Fear The Most

    You The (Duff) Man.
  12. Finals week relapse and my mental breakdown (update)

    It's very hard if not impossible le to accurately diagnose someone in the throngs of amphetamine addiction with other mental health problems. Takes 3-6 months to get a baseline. More than one psych was convinced I was bipolar shortly after I got clean, due to how I presented. Thats not medical advice, just my experience. Try to find an addictions specialist and be completely up front about your situation if you decide to see a psychiatrist again.
  13. Finals week relapse and my mental breakdown (update)

    You're killing yourself. Let go. You don't have to live this way anymore.
  14. 7 year addiction & now cancer. I need to quit now.

    Tell your doctors. No brainer. Not even worth engaging in further conversation about the pros and cons and dismantling rationalizations that keep you paralyzed by fear. How is your doctor supposed to effectively treat you if you're hiding a MAJOR part of your medical history? Tell your doctors.
  15. Rehab for adderall addiction?

    Yes. Argued viciously against it, though deep down I knew how bad I was and eventually gave in to the pressure from my family. Thank God. Saved my life. Did three weeks at Seabrook House in New Jersey, then three months at their extended inpatient facility. Kicking and screaming every step of the way. Thought I would be two weeks in and out and back to work. SO GRATEFUL to have had the opportunity to heal like that early on. Do it the right way and you only have to go through early recovery once.