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  1. Funny shit i found online.

    What the fuck is a velociraptor. That Shit is too funny. LMMFAO
  2. Occ1. Good call on Alan watts. I try and take away as much as I can from his wisdom and practice.
  3. what did i do with my next script, doh!

    I am entirely satisfied with the method chosen. And of course I didn't try putting it back together. Tearing ones script into pieces is tantamount to inscribing VOID in big black sharpie letters across the documents face. I wouldn't put myself thru the humiliation that would no doubt be warranted by sliding a patchwork tape job across the counter at Walgreens.
  4. Va Beach

    Not even close. U are funny indeed. Aight. How do u feel about Starbucks intersection of VB blvd and independence. And for real no molesting promise. Lmk
  5. So, in a preconceived awful drawn out moment of over-it-ness, I decided that the act depicted in the attached photo was a feasible end to my chemical romance. I regret this haste, as I sure would like to have the moto to like clean my car or like call my mom, or shit just leave the crib. But this stuff is totes screwing me up. Subzero personality cold fingers and frivolous spending be damned. I mean I guess I mean shucks where I'm gonna get my pep from now yo.
  6. Is full recovery possible?

    I hope so. For me and for you.
  7. I feel ya. And if it feels better to ya. I would have done the same.
  8. Va Beach

    I am coming home to the Lynn haven area of va beach on Monday from fla. If u want to talk some. It feels weird but might help. Chris
  9. FYI. The ripped fuel energy shots at the dollar tree are identical to 5 hour energy. I knock em back like they are going out of style.save your paper.
  10. anyone try racetams?

    Never have tried, researched a bunch.
  11. I have clicked in chat for over a year now to no avail. What's the dilly?
  12. Uh yeah. I should be so lucky to get a boost from anything labeled energy. I am stimulant proof.
  13. Right there with ya. For me it is going to require getting away from all the places and persons that I associate adder all with. I have seen more sunrises in the last 4 years than i wanted to. I still haven't quit and literally cannot control myself. I don't care about anything most days and I know that I did it to myself. So I can relate to you.