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  1. Long term side effects of Adderall

    From what I've read, this condition is like so many others. It is caused by diet. GMOs are more and more prevalent and food is becoming less and less nutritious. Additionally, food companies are lying to us about what is good for us. I bed a good functional medicine doctor could help you overcome this. If you can't afford that, then think about following a paleo diet or something like that. Organic foods (you can read about which foods are important to eat only organic, etc.) and avoiding processed foods will help a great deal, I'm sure. Omega 3 fats are important as are all healthy fats (extra virgin coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil, and other cold pressed, unprocessed oils.) There is a lot to learn online about such things.
  2. When I showed it to my doctor in a visit after he said he wouldn't up my adderall dosage, he said he would up it if I didn't drink Spark. He said caffeine does far worse things to your system. Don't replace one addiction with another!
  3. Yerba Mate has a caffeine like substance in it that doesn't make most caffeine sensative people jittery. It is like caffeine, though, so in large quantities, I'm sure it is addictive also. I doubt a cup of tea a day would harm you though. I often mix it with other tea so that I minimize the caffeine but still get some of the good effects.
  4. I need a sense of hope ...

    I was taking 60mg of XR in the morning, 15mg of regular in the afternoon, plus wellbutrin. I learned I had a ton of health problems that the adderall was covering up and the doctors were making worse. I went to a functional medicine doctor and cleaned up my system. I'm still working on it, but a year later I'm WAY better. I've only been taking 30mg a day when I work out. Honestly, the days I take the amphetamine I feel way better than when I was taking the whole bunch a year ago. I'm now thinking that taking 30mg one day a week is keeping me off kilter. I'm getting there, though. I've learned what a healthy diet is (rather than what the FDA and food industry tells you it is.) The point is, maybe you should look at your diet and other health issues if you're having problems. Just an idea.
  5. Long term side effects of Adderall

    I was reading this post and decided to register so I could reply. I've been working myself off of adderall. I'm sure there are plenty of side effects related to how the brain works, but I learned that the adderall was actually covering up poor health and poor diet for years! Things got so bad even with the adderall, that I had to do something. Doctors were making me worse. I finally went to a functional medicine doctor and have been cleaning up my system. I learned what a truely healthy diet actually is. I found out my brain was starving for nutrition as was the rest of my body, allowing all kinds of bad things to take hold. My chronic fatigue included reduced thyroid function (doctors seem to only know diseased vs. healthy and have no idea of the range of function so many of us continue to suffer), adrenal fatigue, and lots of infection from a weakened immune system. I'm here, a year later much healthier. When I started, I was taking 60mg adderall XR in the morning, 15mg in the afternoon and had added wellbutrin a year before this (another stimulant.) Naturally, I've been working to get off the adderall. I'm now down to like 3 30mg pills which I only take on the days I work out with my trainer. I feel great the days I take them, but not so great on the other days. My doctor retired and I don't really want to go to a new doctor (I'm without insurance now) or spend more money on medication. I'm thinking of breaking down the capsules I have left into multiple capsules. I've even learned that when I eat is important to recovery. Vegetable juicing is awesome for healing too. I'll make a post later with more details of my story. I just wanted to point out that it is just withdrawl of the amphetamine - it is also the uncovering of the health problems the amphetamines were disguising that make getting off them a journey.