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    Reading self help books & the biographies of those I aspire to be like. Flipping through fashion & fitness magazines. I love music. Going to concerts is my favorite way to socialize. I appreciate beauty. I love to visit art galleries & museums. I like writing my random thoughts down because they are good for a laugh later. I just love to write, be it poems, to-do lists, quotes...
  1. My Story of Addiction.

    Holy smokes...this sounds exactly like how I feel on and about Adderall. That sums it up pretty well. Thanks for reaffirming in m mind what I already know...yet try to deny/ignore. But you can't ignore Adderall. I know that it is ALL I ever think about and it's my biggest stressor. I can't quit. My life sucks too much right now, but I have a feeling it's b/c the Adderall. Thanks again for sharing.
  2. I can relate to the panic you felt as you prepared for your first day without Adderall. I feel like the people who are able to flush a full bottle of pills down the toilet are the ones that have come to a healthy place in their minds with the idea of parting with Adderall. I can't imagine being able to calmly flush my pills down the toilet. I have a million excuses why I can't quit right now. The only time I feel able to quit is when I have no other choice, and that is never a pleasant realization. Life won't stop or get easier and present an ideal time to quit. I think its something that changes on the inside that cements the decision. I don't know what b/c I haven't fully experienced that. I've had days where I feel good without Adderall, it gives me hope. But I know I'm not ready to quit this month, maybe next month. I just wish I could keep from abusing them....that panic from running out, watching the clock for my next dose...waiting for the high to kick in. That's where my troubles with the drug lies. I give you major props for going 28 days without...I can't imagine going more than a weekend. So, focus on what you have accomplished on your own already. We grow by overcoming obstacles. Keep taking the tyrosine, and working out and eating healthy foods...I think you are more than capable to handle all that life throws at you, just don't lose sight of that. Pump yourself up.
  3. I have heard that L-Tyrosine is a great supplement to help with the lower than normal dopamine levels typical in an Adderall dependent brain.
  4. Physical Side Effects

    I take Biotin everyday, and it really made a difference. I haven't figured out how to combat the oily/acne prone skin problem yet. I could tell you what doesn't work. I see a dermatologist and he prescribed me Benzol Peroxide face wash and Differin Gel. It doesn't help my skin as much as it used to. My face is so oily! I couldn't wait for winter and the dry skin that comes with the colder weather. This is the first winter that I haven't needed to use a moisturizer morning and night. I have researched the main culprits of oily skin. It's really difficult to do, but washing your face too much strips your skin of natural oils thus causing an overhaul in oil production. It's so tempting to remove the oil slick on my face that surfaces about 4 times a day. Sometimes I will use plain water to freshen up my face. That doesn't count as washing.
  5. I just want my life back...

    I can totally relate to the anxiety you feel when you realize you are almost out of Adderall. I hate when I can see the bottom of the bottle. I use a pill organizer with compartments for each day of the week. This keeps me fully aware of how many pills I have taken as well as how many I have left. It serves as a visual reminder that there is a limit & makes you pause and think for sec rather than popping pills with reckless abandon. Best of luck to you.