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  1. Greenville, SC

    Anyone near Greenville, SC?
  2. I was HEAVILY addicted to Adderall, and I must say that the mood swings and hunger were terrible for me when I quit. I went to GNC and got two vitamins that greatly help with this (and energy production). These include: 5HTP 100mg B-12 5000 They are 100% drug free and help me deal with irritability and overall lack of energy. The 5-HTP also helps suppress your appetite if you are getting off of Adderall and eating everything in your house...blowing up like Jabba the hut because you aren't used to eating that much..... Hope this helps! The total cost for the aforementioned vitamins was near 35 dollars.
  3. No Energy for Going Out

    I've been off adderall for almost three weeks now. I can get through the work day just fine, but I no longer have the energy to go out with my friends. My friends think that I "fell off of the map" but really I just "got off of the addies". On Adderall, I was ALWAYS down to go get a drink after work. I was ALWAYS up and ready to go bar hopping every weekend. I would just pop an adderall and off I go! Now, I only want to go out maybe once a week (and I usually don't feel like it). Does anyone else struggle with this? Will I want to go out again or did I never really want to go out in the first place?
  4. Ugh- The hunger!

    I had the same problem! The fear of gaining weight made me struggle in the fight against Adderall. You have to realize that you are going to have to keep the weight off "the right way". (That sucks! Right?) It will be hard at first, but you have to let your metabolism re-vamp itself. I lost so much weight on adderall and gained 5 pounds in the first week off of it.... but guess what? I haven't gained another pound since! You are going to have to watch what you eat and work out (it sucks, but it's the right way and much better than going back to the imprisonment of adderall). Perhaps you can try some vitamins from GNC (they carry 100% drug-free vitamins that are essential for energy production that really help)? You can do it! A few pounds is not worth going back to Adderall! Be strong! Exercise also makes you feel SO MUCH BETTER. I understand that the last thing that you want to do off of Adderall is exercise (or at least it was that way for me), but you will get to the point where you can. Best of luck!