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  1. Best Summer Ever 2016

    adjusting to biking everywhere is easier then I thought.
  2. Terrified

    welcome to the forum.
  3. Blood pressure changes?

    I vaguely remember these symptoms when I first quit. Combined with anxiety. I contributed these symptoms to smoking at the time.
  4. Marriage, revolving door with adderall

    Wow. Never really saw this through the eyes of a spouse. I can't really give any advice on this all I can say is the pills change you into a person you don't even recognize.
  5. Come Down Question

  6. car

    I'm surprised too, a oil leak I think. The oil light had been coming on for a about a year I just thought it was an older car and you know and kept giving it oil. I asked a mechanic about it and he looked at and wasn't worried. I was adding oil when I filled up. I'm trying to get a good price for the parts. But you buy a Honda with the idea that they are bullet proof, but I guess not.
  7. car

    This is so true. I think about what if I hadn't taken adderall for the 1st time what would have happened what would have life been like etc etc. But the reality is I would have found something to get addicted too.
  8. car

    To be honest, I will really miss that car. I'm really feeling this loss hard. I really wish I had a few more year with that car. Financially I'm really struggling and the loss of this car is a big blow to my ego.
  9. One Word Status Update

    like girl so why not talk to girl?
  10. An ivy league girl's breakup with Adderall

    Welcome to the forum. Keep posting and keep coming back, progress not perfection.
  11. Best Summer Ever 2016

    Lets keep this simple bike, friends, business, food. This fall will be busy, I will need to be 110% lets put in the groundwork for that.
  12. One Word Status Update

    Close enough. Such a hard question to answer. Adderall completely blew up my life, I'm still picking up the pieces. But I'm moving forward, I quit smoking 2 years ago today also. I've even lost some weight. In total its been 5 years since I heard the word adderall, and it put a colossal crater in my career, relationships and finances. I am stronger from the experience. But I'm just glad its over. Tho I don't think we ever fully recover but close enough lets get on with life.
  13. 9 months clean update

    Congrats! Life will be getting back to normal (whatever that means now. Enjoy your day and take some time for yourself.
  14. One Word Status Update

    3 years
  15. One Word Status Update

    top 40.
  16. Almost a year off of adderall!!

    congrats man.
  17. One Word Status Update

  18. One Word Status Update

    house work.
  19. Welcome to the board!
  20. One Word Status Update

    Queen Victoria
  21. Nootropics

    i've never been married but I hear, communication is key. If you are going to quit and your relationship is going to survive your husband will need to understand what you are going thru. Lots of people have commented on their relationships on this forum before. Maybe start reading about how they dealt with it.
  22. also everything is delicious.
  23. Nootropics

    welcome to the board. I agree with HC time heals. In the early stages focus on the small wins, showering, house work, etc are huge accomplishments in the early days. I tried a lot of nootropics, supplements etc in the early days. A good multivitamin, a fish oil supplement, diet, exercise and a healthy routine will do wonders. You have to give those things time to work. Adderall really messes with your brain chemistry, what you are experiencing is a re-calibration of sorts.
  24. I hear good things about Welbutrin. While taking a drug to get off a drug seems counter intuitive. I took a zoloft for a period after I quit Adderall and it was somewhat useful and in no way habit forming. I just stopped taking them one day, in fact there are some leftover in a drawer. I don't remember when the depression fog cleared for me but it did and it will for you. Exercise, sunshine and travel are the best remedy for depression. Talk to your doctor, hopefully he isn't a drug pusher type doctor, do your own independent research. Before trying any new drug. Sadly you can't blindly trust your doctor.