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  1. Wow. Can't believe you've been quit for 4 years. That also means I have a 4 year anniversary coming up. Wow.  I'm super busy these days  new job and probably should get back to work but I'm glad I checked in today. Make sure you do something nice for yourself today.  Little changes daily make big changes happen.  Congrats. 

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  2. close to 4 years later I am very aware of depression, what causes it and how to deal with depressive episodes. When I look back on my usage of Adderall I really did use it to cope with depression. I really did feel like it solved my depression issues early in my usage.   When I quit I experienced a prolonged and extreme depression.  I eventually emerged. Ultimately some tasks like taxes, work email  are just painful without adderall... you just learn to plow through them.   This takes time and practice.  Motivation is a question of passion for me.  I need to love a task to be motivated.  Not every task is loveable tho so you just get through it. 

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