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  1. Once I get a little more stabilized, I think i'm gonna try this! Ive been reading up on it, on WebMD, it seems like it's lacking vital nutrients but it does have a lot of good reviews and it can't be too detrimental for your health, seeing as it's only 10 days. It's gonna be really hard not smoking though. I feel like that will be the biggest challenge.
  2. Scatterbrained

    I know I love that phrase! I actually used it more than a few times yesterday and it helped! It just kinda stuck with me. I have a quick progress report....I am feeling pretty healthy today! It's only been..well I kinda lost track I think maybe 10-12 days...and I am already seeing so much improvement. Slowwwlly...but surely. Anndd I had no problem falling asleep, and STAYING asleep last night..at a reasonable hour too! And without melatonin or any other supplement(s). I can say that its been hard to keep up with the daily responsibilities, but today it felt a little easier. A little more "bearable". Realistically, I didn't get tons of stuff accomplished, but I did a whole LOT more than yesterday. And if i beat myself up about not getting all of my stuff done, I would focus on human being and not human doing. I feel very encouraged today.
  3. Scatterbrained

    practicing breathing control has definitely decreased some of my anxiety symptoms...thank you. put a little more effort in and accomplished a little bit more than i did yesterday. progress is not as fast as i wish it was but it is progress.
  4. One Word Status Update

    Chillin (even tho i still havent had a good nights sleep in days! ugghh). Another update: Surrendered
  5. Great advice ashley, makes complete sense to me. Thank you so much! You give me hope
  6. Binge eating...

    lol it is a classic. and I own a t-shirt that says "Excuse me, I believe you have my stapler"
  7. Scatterbrained

    ha and now i also know why i feel better. thanks for praying! im so drained.
  8. Scatterbrained

    Yes, thank you And I appreciate your thoughtfulness. Its actually gotten much better since I last posted...Ive been watching jon stewart and stephen colbert all day and its been helping.
  9. This episode of Colbert Report is hilarious. He talks about Pharmaceutical Companies. Enjoy! http://www.colbertnation.com/full-episodes/thu-december-12-2013-george-packer
  10. mind grapes - ZK's stream

  11. Scatterbrained

    Im on day 8 after quitting cold turkey...I can't seem to get my thoughts together. Any suggestions on how to get a hold of my racing thoughts? I'm also sleep deprived so that's probably playing a huge factor. My mind and body just won't relax. It's like my brain is firing off in all directions. One good thing I noticed today was that I was excited to have a day off so I could heal and recover. I was also excited to not be starting this day with a medication. I'm not craving it whatsoever....just craving stability and peace of mind. To anyone who has faith, I could use prayer
  12. Binge eating...

    Haha no way that's funny I used to be obsessed with funyons when I was a kid. Random!
  13. Binge eating...

    I know we don't want to stop and weigh out the consequences when we're amidst all of these feelings. Feeling like we're starving...malnourished...deprived...then the ups and downs/crashes of carbs and sugar. we just want to feel good. no matter what. but if you can just stop yourself for a moment and think "is this really beneficial? am i trading one addiction for another?" you can..thought by thought..start to regain control over your actions. right now it feels like i am not sitting in the drivers seat of my own life. and you must feel this way too, im sure. it all starts with our thoughts. the more we introduce rational thinking, the more we start to "come alive" again. its like adderall numbed us out so bad that we werent even in control of our own thoughts. the power lies within you to change. you are more powerful than you even realize. isn't that kind of exciting? if you continue on this path of abstinence, you will discover just how powerful and strong you really are. the longer youre off it, the more you will stabilize, in every way: spirtutally, mentally, physically, etc. Just try to gain control over what you choose to eat by focusing on moderation. no one forces you to eat- we all choose what we consume and what we don't consume. with each choice you can gain control and before you know it, it wont be so much work, but a lifestyle.
  14. Binge eating...

    I know exactly what you mean! This may be the mood swings...but at the moment I find the insatiable appetite i had two days ago a little funny. just picturing my behavior is nuts...and if i dont laugh a little bit at it then ill dwell on it FOREVER and HATE myself and jump on the self pity band wagon. here was my appetite this week. quit 7 days ago (cold turkey)... day 1- ate pretty much nothing day 2- same day 3- protein shakes and vegan veggie supplement shake/drink day 4- a quart of ice cream (BY MYSELF!), a pizza, toast, toast again with peanut butter, spaghetti, more ice cream, a whole mango, cinnamon rolls, chips, and i was STILL hungry at the end!! lol i felt like dave chappelle in half baked. talk about being erratic! day 5- protein shake day 6- chinese food day 7- now- typing out my diet this past week has made me realize how disgusting and unhealthy this is and even though i havent gained any weight i am certainly headed in that direction. and honestly, i could stand to gain a couple pounds at this point. id rather be healthy and have my curves back! its a miracle i woke up with a pillow lol i swear on day 4 i wanted it to be made of marshallows
  15. I'm not myself any more

    I was also on a high dose...it is possible to stop cold turkey. however, i am consistently experiencing the following: -insomnia -anxiety -paranoia (which i am learning to control, regardless of how mentally exhausting it is) -mood swings -random binge eating -depression -increased sense of humor (randomly;again, correlates w. the mood swings I even feel bipolar at times...but know Im not...i just feel like my mind is screwing with me all day. I am so wrapped up in guilt and shame and fear all day i make mistakes and cant focus. but i remind myself to reel it back in, realize im NOT the only person on the planet, and try to think of something positive, like my future and goals. blesbro thank you so much for your post. it helped me so much. and 2B; some words of encouragement....you're not alone. there are so many of us right there with you and so many who made it out the other side...and are whole again. you can make it through this. trust me i know how hard it is and i shouldnt even be giving advice but even though we're all at different stages in this horrible process, we all have one commonality: the desire to quit. and quit ONCE. really...what the fuck (excuse my language) is the purpose of making these mistakes if we dont learn from them?? 2B, if you havent read it already, I suggest you read the articles on this site about the "cold turkey" and 'taper down" methods. I can guarantee you that any and all questions you may have will be answered. The articles basically cover everything. And in reading them you will know where your path lies and you can start from there. every day is a new beginning!