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  1. Kansas

    I'd like to meet up with somebody in the area who has overcome or making through their addiction. It'd be nice to hear some of your stories and struggles through this challenge.
  2. My call for help/Addiction

    My experience with Adderall started about a year and ahalf ago when I was 17. My ex girlfriends brother and I were hanging out playing Xbox and he had offered me a 30 mg. Adderall to improve my gameplay. I didn't really think too much of it so I went ahead and popped it. Eventually, I started feeling more focused and intuned with the game.. Long story short I fell in love with the high. After about amonth I would buy it from friends and pop it on a daily basis. The doses to get me high went up from 30mg to now about 100. I lost my girlfriend at the time, friends and weight. When I'm not on it I feel depressed, low confidence, out of norm and on edge. I currently live with my girlfriend who recently discovered my addiction for adderall. She has given me a chance either the pills or our relationship. I desperately wanna quit to restore my relationships with the people I care about. I have too much to lose.. My girlfriend, my housing, friends, family, my future ect. I've realized my addiction is a problem.. I don't eat regularly and have lost about 20 lbs. I spend entirely too much money on Adderall and when I don't have the money I'll pawn,sell, or trade things for it. I sincerely want to quit! I just don't know how. I'm lost.. I'm going to take this program and serious as possible. Please help.