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  1. stomach ulcer

    YES. Absolutely. I used to have the WORST..Worst.. acid reflux/heartburn/GERD/whatever it was from adderall. There would be several nights where I couldn't even sleep at night because it was so horrible. It burned all the way up my throat and literally felt like it was burning a whole in my body or something. I had tired over the counter heartburn medication, prescription heartburn medication, home remedies, and more.. but to be honest.. the thing I found the helped the most was ALOE VERA Juice. My friend's mom suggested this to me one night when I stayed at her house. I believe it might be like $20-$30 but you can buy it at Walmart.. I know that after it's opened it's supposed to be kept in the fridge as well. Annnnd you might be thinking that it sounds like it might taste disgusting but it really didn't.. at least not to me. It kind of tastes like lime juice but a little milder. You just drink like a glass of it before bed and it does wonders. You should really look it up! Drinking aloe vera juice actually has several health benefits from it and is really good for your body!! Promise! But yeah.. the heartburn/acid reflux stuff sucks.. It was always the worst for me at night too.. I believe it does have something to do with adderall as well. *** Oh and I've read that what you might be feeling or the heartburn/acid reflux burning could actually be the complete opposite of heartburn and acid reflux lol. I can't remember what it's called.. but it's when your body isn't making enough acid or doesn't have the right ph levels or something in it.. it causes the same identical symptoms as heartburn/acid reflux/gerd would. Look it up! Besides aloe vera juice.. another great thing to try is PROBIOTICS! They help balance all that digestion/gastro problems out.
  2. Runny nose on adderall?

    YES!! I have always had a runny nose on adderall ever since I first started taking it! I know of a lot of other people and friends who take adderall and haven't experienced this like I have though. I just always had to blow my nose a lot lol. I've never experienced "tears of fire" but it sounds aweful But dehydration for sure for sure. Even if I drank water all day long. Which I do and have done every day too! My mouth, eyes, and skin would still feel dehydrated.. for a while I even started taking these random like H20 Hydration supplements (I can't remember right now what they were called exactly) but was convinced for a while that they were making a difference and either helping my body use or retain water better or just improve hydration overall I guess. But they were $30, so I kind of just quit buying them
  3. I have also been taking L-Tryosine for a while, usually trying to take it a couple hours before eating at well and haven't really be able to notice much or tell the effects..I still take it tho! However, I have 500 mg supplements and have been only taking half of one every morning..maybe I should start taking a full one instead! idk
  4. Hello Everyone

    Damn my computer. I just typed out a huge long response and then it messed up and erased everything... rar. Okay I wanted to hello again! And sorry for the late response! Thank you all for welcoming me It's very much appreciated. Sky - okay so before my computer erased everything I wrote you a super long response but I'm just gonna try to sum it up now! Sorry! I appreciate your advise! I am going to still do the step-down but for a few different reason but most definitely not to delay quitting! With the step-down method I have now. I am only using what is left of the prescription I have but I should be done and the last day will be the 28th. I am absolutely 100% sure about quitting though and know that I will. Because I have to. want to. and need to. I'm very very excited to quit as well! Also, I will try to be as positive as possible though this process I will truly take your advice to heart and plan to stay positive and start to practicing thinking in such a way. I've also started therapy recently so hopefully she can provide me with more techniques or advice to help me though things. I'll try to explain more of why I'm choosing to step-down right now tomorrow or on a later day. (I explained everything in this message before it erased but just don't have to will to retype it all right now) Again much thanks for your insight and I'm very happy to start using this site and be a member. It definitely helps.
  5. Hello Everyone

    Hey everyone! I just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Megan, I'm 23 years old, and this is my first day on my road to quitting adderall (step-down style). My goal is to be done by the 28th of this month. I want to be finished by the end of December in order to start my new year off right with a fresh start and new beginning, adderall-free. I'm quitting for several reasons but my happiness, health, and future are the main ones. This is going to be quiet the struggle for me but I have to do it. I'm going to do it. I am very excited to seriously quit adderall. I know in doing this, my life can only get better for me. It might not seem like it at first b/c it's going to suck for a while but I know I will be able to get back to myself again and get my life on the right track!! One of my biggest fears of quitting is depression. Each time I've attempted to quit in the past, I have always felt an overwhelming amount of depression, extreme sleepiness, and clumsiness too I've noticed. I think I am probably depressed due to the fact that adderall has changed me from the person I used to be and love to a mess right now basically but along all the other important aspects of my life have also been affected over the years. I've just recently started making some big changes. First being, ending a difficult relationship in which was bad for me. Second, moving out of the apartment I shared with my ex and moving back home in with my parents for the time being. And third, quitting adderall. Finishing college at the end of this summer was also a huge reality check point for me to. Anyways, I want to use this site to my advantage so I hope to get meet some of you and be able to share my thoughts, feelings, experiences, struggles, and insights along the way! Also! I didn't exactly really know where to right this post at but did in "Tell Your Story" section. Hope it's in the right place :S!