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  1. Do the Voices Ever Stop?

    I just spoke with her on the phone. Sigh....she's convinced that the voices are still real. She's hearing them and believes that she's going to get arrested. I told her that there's nothing to worry about. That whomever she's talking to cannot get to her. I can tell by her voice that she is really scared. I hate it. It's so frustrating.
  2. Do the Voices Ever Stop?

    Thank you for your reply InRecovery. Yes, she wants to leave rehab, but since it is located out of town, no one will come and get her. She could voluntarily check herself out, but she'd have no where to go. So in a way, she's just stuck. I have continued to encourage her to stick it out and that it will take a awhile for the voices to go away. Hopefully, she will.
  3. Do the Voices Ever Stop?

    Hello everyone, I currently have a friend that has gone to rehab for adderall abuse. She has been there almost 2 weeks. I did a previous post about her condition early this year. She began hearing distinct voices & believed that everyone was watching her. The voices kept saying that they were coming to get her, etc. Everything in her house was bugged. It has gone on for months. My friend attempted to quit on her own, but of course that didn't work. She finally checked herself into a hospital and then she agreed to go to rehab. Her life has finally fallen apart. I have gotten to talk to her a few times on the phone. She claims that she is feeling better, but that she is still hearing the voices. That they are not getting any better. I don't know if that is a crutch for her to leave the rehab b/c she's not getting any better or if she really needs to go to a psychiatric hospital v. a substance abuse rehab. Just wanted to give her some encouragement that the voices will eventually go away? Does anyone have experience with that? Thanks for your replies in advance.
  4. Hello All, I am here looking for information in how to help a friend. She is prescribed 50-60mg of Adderall a day. She told me that she takes 60-90mg a day. I believe that she takes an upwards of 90-120 mg per day. For the past few months, she has become extremely paranoid and believed that people were watching her. She confided in me a few months ago and I thought that she could actually be being watched. I knew she was on Adderall, but had no idea that this would be the root of the problem. My friend told me that she began noticing that she began seeing the same cars at the same places on a daily basis. She believed that she was being watched by the FBI or state police. My friend has always been known as a pill popper and so I didn't put it past her that she could have been involved in some sort of criminal drug activity and maybe she was being watched. She told me that she hasn't done anything illegalin a long time. I originally told my friend to make a record of what she saw, write down plates, cars, take pictures etc. Months have gone by and she has been able to give me nothing legitimate in regards of proof that she's being watched, but her paranoia has only gotten worse. She now believes her home is bugged, her phone is bugged and that she can actually hear two distinct different voices. She will actually talk to the voices and gets mad when I can't hear the voices while I'm at her home. She has torn her home apart and has found what she believes to be bugs. I've looked at her the so called bugs and they appear to be just be old electronics, batteries, etc. I have tried to explain to her that the FBI or any law enforcement agency would not bug her home and even if they did, she wouldn't be able to actually hear anything out of the bugs. She insists that the people must have messed up when they put the bugs in her house. A week ago it reached a breaking point when she went to the police station to show them the bugs. They thought she was crazy and called her family to come get her. My friend's family doesn't know what to do. They don't understand what is going on and initially I didn't either. I began to reach adderall and quickly found several stories that sounded similar to my friend. I later mentioned the idea to my friend that adderall could possibly be the problem and that maybe she needed help. She became angry and stormed off screaming that no one believes her, etc. A few days later, I told my friend that I would have someone do a bug sweep of her home if that would help her. During this conversation, she admitted to me that the adderall did make her more paranoid and increased her anxiety. I asked her to please just cut down on the adderall to see if that helped any with her paranoia. She said she would. I am going to have someone do a bug sweep of her home just to ease her mind. After the bug sweep comes back with nothing, how do I approach her about the Adderall being the cause and her getting help? Any suggestions/incite would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.