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  1. Waiting Room

    Well I got back in ... Now by August I am going to be ready to take on this challenge. Also my mom is looking at which counseling clinics our insurance will take and I will be in that office as soon as possible. My 30 day challenge, unfourtunately will be starting tomorrow because I did take my last one today.... but this time i'm not doing it for anyone else i'm doing this for me.
  2. Waiting Room

  3. Adderall and Trichotillomania (hair pulling)

    I relate... I relate 100% ... I think I just may be the worst case of trich in the entire world. I have barely any hair at all. I have extentions, and am very good at hiding it... and if your boyfriend is even the slightest "weirded out" about your hair, he doesn't truely love you. I have no answers or tips to help cuz right now is the lowest i've been, and well I was on this site for a long time, then went to google to search topics on "adderall and trich" and It led me right back this beautiful web site. Please reply back because sometimes I need to talk to somebody who actually understands. I have never met a single person with the same issue. I hope to hear from you, and i hope we can help eachother and talk.
  4. John Doe

    The first time I heard this song I balled my eyes out! I was fascinated by the lyrics and what John Doe means. Powerful.
  5. it might be too late for me.

    We always think that when we are older we might regret how much we've fucked up our body, but we are young now and well we don't give a shit do we? The most we can do is try... which is a lot easier said than done. I know you are searching for advice, but I am too... so lets do eachother a favor and just think about some things we like about ourselves, I bet you don't give yourself enough credit. Smile... try to feel it even when its hard