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  1. Finally - Reclaiming my Neural Pathways!

    Never heard of Reiki but sounds like a postive tool that should help for sure! Just FYI I'm coming up on my 2nd year clean come this Nov. I tried to quit 2 times before and both times I failed was because I told myself the exact same you are now, "I'm not 100% confident that I will stay off of adderall," Understand saying that your addiction still controls your brain. I know NA says, "Just for today" etc. Well I'm sorry we picked one hell of a drug and it's different in so many ways, we must be stronger because the withdrawal mentally last so much longer vs most other drugs people abuse. Here is the big difference people quit cocaine, heroin, pain pills etc is that life in general after a couple months really improves but us addy abusers it just seems to get harder and harder like asking ourself why are we doing this? But you know why just sometimes it gets frustrating like u hardly want to work take care of house things adderall made us love doing and things in society that say you must do and when we no longer want to do those things at even a non addy pace we get pissed at ourselves. That's when the opportunity for your addiction bust down that door like the Kool-Aid man. You must say this is it, your life on addy is over. In your mind build a damn fortress your addiction can't easily penetrate. Any pills flush them, any unfilled scripts burn them and burn the bridge with your doctor you will never need that stuff again because you are 100% sure you will never do it again! It's a long process but worth it other option is go bat shit crazy and have your heart explode way I looked at it.
  2. Love everything you said great advice. Might disagree every year you abused is a year needed to recover at least hope that's not true. I think it's really hard to judge each day is different our bodies have sort of a natural sine wave ups and downs. I certainly do not feel full recovery is still 7 yrs away which would be my full term of useage. I guess if they have a accurate way of testing dophemine levels and somebody had regular test after quitting we could know for sure. But doubt with the high cost anyone has or ever will plus heard the test are still up for debate on accuracy.
  3. Tattooed happily ever after?

    Funny you posted this. I got a tribal tatoo upper left arm when I was 18. I don't regret it but tired of it thinking of getting something new to cover it or mask it some it just screams late 1990's lol. I also have a Celtic cross on my back since 2002 I still like it. At 70 if you stay in shape and away from sunburn should look ok. At the gym a guy is in his late 70's his body looks like he still a very in shape 40 year old but only his face tells his age.
  4. Sooner you stop again the better and all that progress should not be lost. Noticed that's your first post try to get engaged on here honestly only way I made it past my first year posted my struggles almost daily. Know some people see it as a minor problem to get over just a prescription, no it's not your taking a narcotic and your brain is no different from a junkie hustling the street for a crystal meth luckily your not at that point but beleive me some have gone that route and it all started from a doctors script. But why I say it's the same u know the damage it causes how it makes u feel yet when your off it your brain lies and tells you how great it will feel, that's a addicts brain. Hope you can stop again soon many have been in the same boat.
  5. CBT experiences anyone?

    Is it like a psychologist or more of a motivational coach? Sounds interesting but guessing expensive.
  6. CBT experiences anyone?

    Don't let them give you shock therapy. Jk doubt they do that but hope it helps let us know how it works out.
  7. Using Wellbutrin to help quit

    I have used it but didn't start until after my first year of quitting. It did seem to help me some for sure get past some bad depression. I stopped using it cold turkey about two weeks ago had really no bad side effects besides some mild headaches definitely a big plus for that medication. But if you think any pill/ supplement will make that first year not tough your mistaken. The first year is a struggle no way around it exercise, diet , sunlight and positive thinking is your best tools to survive addy free.
  8. My Best Shot at an Honest Life

    Hey no problem I understand. Your accomplishments on adderall are most parents dreams and why so many start or continue letting their kids take this drug. However the downfall outweighs the perks as you clearly describe. Beleive if more people really knew the ticking time bomb adderall is they would be less likely to give in. Just private message me if you'd like.
  9. How Can This Possibly Be 8 Years Later?

    Thank you for sharing. So quit 100% for two years then got back on? Just wondering what happened after two years clean knowing how bad it fucked up your life decided to get back on it? Not asking to be judgmental asking so I know what thoughts may occurs within myself I should be cautious of going towards my second year clean.
  10. Where is everyone from?

    Compton, California I was the white guy in the rap group called NWA at one time.
  11. My Best Shot at an Honest Life

    I think your writing ability really paints a picture even non adderal addicts would grasp. If you don't mind I'd like to share this. Sort of as warning to parents who agree to get kids started on this stuff. I know your anonymous on here but still feel the need to ask encase you run across your words somewhere else.
  12. My Best Shot at an Honest Life

    Wow that was a powerful story and understand you completely. If you get really bored look up some of my post from the last 19 months. I was posting a ton it was truely the hardest thing I ever did think I posted more than anybody on here the last year plus. Some on here claim postive thinking and you can be just fine in little as a month and can be true for them , most of us however really did not start to feel a real postive change until a year and a couple months. Just pretend your going to serve a year plus long sentence for your crime against yourself. It's going to suck no doubt you'll need to push yourself everyday but at the end you will come out better. I guess me being self employed I was very lucky but still had bills to pay kids to take care of and I made it somehow yes collected some cc debt in fact over $20,000 but right now it's all paid off and things keep getting better. I'm actually more focused on work to make profit before I just busted my ass to bust my ass not really considering if the work I was doing would actually make a profit. I still enjoy working hard but also enjoy time off and like to have money to do so before I just wanted a huge project to take on just to show how awesome I was and not to get money. Having a bad year financially is totally worth full recovery from this drug. Hell when I was on them I missed more good paying jobs because I never slept knew I was in no condition to leave my work shop so just kept popping pills working on shit that never paid.
  13. Quick 17month update

    I like apple bourbon Jim Beam with it once in awhile, but that's not helpful for recovery lol. I think a lot of water does help recovery for sure.
  14. Quick 17month update

    Yes it keeps getting better that second year doesn't it? I maybe have a few loose screws but no proven brain damage regardless noticed last couple of weeks a big improvement in conversations not doubting myself all the time and more confidence. Keep it going and good job!
  15. 19 & lost after quitting adderall

    People do not choose to get addicted while taking speed and you probably get addicticted again. Far as if you truely think u need it for ADHD is up for debate you think you need it because you were told so by the same people who profit from you using it. It's not like taking insulin where blood test show you must have this medication, ADHD testing is all up to a doctors judgment and I do not think amphetamines is needed. Proper diet can do more how many kids sipping on Dr Pepper in the fucking waiting room to be labeled ADHD. Society is fucked up we take no responsibly for ourselves or what we give our kids etc just want a quick fix from Dr. Feelgood. I hope you decide not to take it and see what your capable of clean, if your taking it still from time to time your just spinning your wheels and won't ever see true results it takes a lot of time completely off them to see the truth.