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  1. Well after about a year straight hitting the gym maxed out 3 reps of 230 pounds bench press this evening. Know that's not like a big number for some guys but for me I never even got that in my early 20's when I worked out pre adderal, I'm about 180lbs myself. Also now can do about 10 chin ups in a row or 8 pull-ups feel working on those helped me gain more strength vs anything else I did. When I first started working out I used the pull up assist machine but worked my way off it after a couple of months it did its job. Anyways just sharing because I've been through a lot in this recovery must thank the gym for the help and you can reach new heights of this drug.
  2. Beyond luck, right place and time

    If your going to quit your husband will also need to. If not it will be damn near impossible to stay off it long term.
  3. No im not taking it easy thank you.

    Addicted no but will you rely on it ? yes. What I mean by that is you won't get a high by taking more than subscribed but u really won't have the urge either. If you take it you will rely on it you can't just stop cold turkey without some side effects headache depression come back etc. The side effects on this are next to nothing and if anything boost your sex drive it's really the only antidepressants that will do that. I really did not want to ever take another medication and took over a year plus before I gave in. Look at it this way adderal is a 45 magnum and Wellbutrin is maybe 22 caliber if that. It does have some stimulant effects if I took this right after I quit adderal doubt it would have done anything for me. It has been used for people quitting meth so it definitely falls in line for us. I did the strict diet, exersize and still do but it was never enough to get me over that hump but I took a lot of adderal for several years also.
  4. No im not taking it easy thank you.

    I wasted way too much money on that crap but I think for some if you take something and it really helps your body was lacking whatever it was. But if your like me spent hundreds on many different supplements and felt hardly anything your just wasting your money.
  5. I'm not here to please the masses not here to say follow me. What I'm here to say if you find something you enjoy and can still work your ass off not on adderall? Answer is yes you can do it after you quit! How long? Seems a year plus a couple months for me at least. Do you need to meditate and stay on a strict diet ? No you don't but watching what you eat and working out if your not doing physical labor helps. Do you take supplements? No it's all bs I do take Wellbutrin it helped me out a lot u might look into it if your passed a year but keep struggling. Does prayer work ? No didn't do much for me hope a God is around but until I die I sure don't know neither does anyone else! Hope this hits home for someone who was struggling like me it's a bitch to quit I'm not home free I'd say until I'm on my death bed that's the only time I can say I will never go back.
  6. 11 month check-in

    His emotions may never completely change back to pre adderall. I know a lot of things for me will never be the same I still at times feel very emotionless in some situations on the other hand I can go off over something very small.
  7. Faded memories

    Thanks its been getting a lot better but I always want more that is what scares me.
  8. One Month Sober - Just Relapsed :(

    Just try again most people on here have failed once or twice some even more. You can try a counselor but I'd find one who has some knowledge of this addiction might be hard to find. I'd reccommend finding a NA group they are free and it just helps to listen to other addicts and share your story once your comfortable. Good luck!
  9. Weird Brain Feeling?

    Maybe take up boxing somone might pop that bubble for you.,, just saying who knows.
  10. Faded memories

    Anyone else look back on photos of formal adderall lives and wonder wtf ? See so many pics of my children younger and feel I missed so much I don't even recall those days was so fucked up on addy and you know it hurts. But even in my fucked up state of mind I provided and loved them the same just really wish I recall those days better it sucks like I was there but wasn't .
  11. Adderall and Alcohol

    For my all night benders usually had gallon of oj bottle of vodka or coconut rum usually buy the 80 proof , handful of oxi pills and bottle of adderall. I was lucky never cut my hand off half the time I was working with no sleep on all the above while using table saws etc. Then once I was ready to sleep hit the Xanax. How I never died or had kidney or liver damage never know just lucky I guess.
  12. I'm so sick of seeing heroin overdoses families destroyed by drugs they would have never taken if it wasn't for oxicotin . Fucking everyone is getting hooked on this crap but powers that be say it's fine but pot for managing pain "No that's stuff is horrible dangerous and a gateway drug " not one fucking recorded death from pot on record. Also never heard of anyone not able to get pot so decide to go score some heroin. This is big Pharma holding pot back and stupid ass right wing conservatives thinking it is the 'devil's drug'. I know adderal shouldn't be legal either it sure fucked up most lives on here that's for sure. Rant over hope everyone is doing ok.
  13. Today is a good day !

    Me too have some anxiety about all this but time to put on my big boy pants and work boots on do what I do best. Off addy just not able to make myself do the office side but still enjoy getting my hands dirty. I hope this works out it will really push me more than I can push myself done having excuses sitting at home doing nothing half the time I feel empty worthless a bum looking for hand outs this should solve a lot of my problems.
  14. Today is a good day !

    Well got a call from a company who was interested in hiring me and buying my business . They want me to do a 30 day trial see how it works out for us on both ends. Think this is what I've been waiting for man it's raining here today but for me suns shining!
  15. Today is a good day !

    So far not making money today but dammit I feel good! Took kid to school got the gym had a good work out. Last night my bb team played out of their damn minds now heading to the elite 8 tournament this weekend! Just thought I'd share since I share too many bad days lol. Maybe if I'd focus less on how much money I'm not making everyday and being happy the money will come my way.