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  1. Do you drink off Adderall?

    Thanks blue moon it's now at a breaking point and hate to fight in front of the kids. Its funny her parents know how she is in fact her entire family moved all her belongings from her parents house and into a storage shed said she must move out her mom and dad are too old and too much stress and they were right, so of course she came here and her sister asked me to please deal with her for awhile until she can find her own place , well it's been a damn year plus and she is no closer to be independent and able to be on her own. Hell I wish she could find a new guy to take her in and the burden off me.
  2. Do you drink off Adderall?

    I've been drinking more lately and know need to stop for awhile. Relationship issues stressing me out part of why I stayed on addy for so long. Thought being off this stuff would make me kick her out but hard to when she has her own kids and nowhere to go. I fucking knew from day one this girl was bad news but just let it all fucking happen. Btw do you think I'm an asshole if I yell at my sons mom because she never does mom shit , like brushing our sons teeth giving him a bath would maybe happen once every two weeks if it was just her. She plays this victim card all the time like I'm so fucking awful yet she sure the fuck won't move out so tired of this shit.
  3. I am afraid.

    Keep in mind a lot of people come late to NA meetings addicts aren't known for being prompt. If your not comfortable because of the area maybe look somewhere else better part of town maybe. I understand a lot what u say but yeah adderall isn't the cure to depression lucky you found out this soon took me 9yrs to admit to myself it's a big fucking problem and must stop. Good luck it's hard but I beleive those with only a year or two of addiction will recover at a faster pace vs those of us who took it for many years.
  4. Interesting national story on SSRI’s-ssri-hobbled-her-empathy-psychiatrist-says/ar-BBCzaOv?li=BBnbfcL&ocid=U146DHP Could the pill take away this girls empathy to push this kid to kill himself? Id say yes, again people who have been on this for along period of time state they have little to no feelings one way or another. Sure many will say the girl was just bad and using the SSRi as a excuse. Well you know its the same when people off themselves on it, "Well he was already depressed so you can't blame the medication." That is why these pill makers always win the acts committed on these pills are so outrageous one who has never experienced this medication has no idea what it can do. Anyways sorry to hijack your post with my anti SSRI rant.
  5. Not sleeping not tired

    Yesterday was a little lazy think that's just what we have to adjust to after quitting. Some days you'll feel u can take on the world other days binge watching Netflix may be your goal. But it's good to know those days full of energy and determination come back just not everyday but that's not natural anyways why we burned ourselves out on this medication.
  6. Side note got in a huge argument with someone I went to high school on fb with she is nurse. I was talking on fb about the irresponsibility in general in reguards to pushing medication like Prozac that end up doing more harm vs good. She says the risk are justified in severe depression and no she does not feel guilty if someone were to kill themselves or someone else after being subscribed this medication by her. She feels ultimately no pill can make you do anything against your will. So some doctors and nurses play the religion card and feel no liability because evil is evil no pill can make someone do something evil no one ever loses control to choose between right and wrong. Even though they are administering drugs that literally change ones brain chemistry. I think it's high time the medical community keeps its fucking religious beliefs at home and actually understand the science behind these medications they push and take some liability. It's sure easy for them to blame actions on Satan instead of the mind altering drug they give people. They are so blind in religious faith they actually beleive themselves.
  7. Be honest you'd be better off staying a adderall junkie vs going on Prozac just my opinion but it's some really bad shit fucks with your head big time. Many suicides , family murder /suicides mass shootings are linked to Prozac. Big Pharma pays out a ton of money to keep the media from really making this known. Go to the library check out some books on Prozac before you ever take it. Or just google Prozac suicides etc. I wish I researched it myself before agreeing on taking it but got off it quick only 3 weeks. Sure doctors say it gets better longer u take it. Sorry no it doesn't if it doesn't make you off yourself first couple weeks you become a zombie you won't be happy or sad then u become dependent on it just like addy but with really no benefits as adderal did in its early days for us.
  8. Agree antidepressants can make you worse SSRI 'Prozac' made me go crazy I felt the need to cut myself open with a knife it was crazy. Luckily I stopped before doing anything stupid literally slapped myself in the face multiple times to come back to reality. I will say Wellbutrin did help started about a year into being off adderall. It's a non ssri so if u must try something I'd suggest that route. Nothing in the early days weeks months will help much you'll be constantly craving a replacement the only thing is time alone of the drug that will start gettin your natural energy back to normal.
  9. Not sleeping not tired

    Don't know if I have rested so much over the past year plus all the sudden I have tons of stored energy but lately I have had very little sleep sometimes like even little as 3 hrs but wide awake all day working doing stuff no rest and not really tired. Anyone have this happen at whatever damn month I'm on 16 , 18 hell I forget Bluemoon keeps track I think we both have same quit date lol. " I still hate they never brought back our time tickers on here!"
  10. Print that quote in large ass font and literally hang it on your fucking wall.
  11. Your young still but one day it's going to hit u like a ton of bricks. With school sports job it's never going to be "the right time to quit" seems a lot of baseball stars take this shit you might know Chris Davis 1st baseman Baltimore he takes it and u know back in 2014 his addiction really helped my Royals easily sweep the Orioles post season because he was not eligible to play because in a drug test it showed up as a PED. In 2015 off it he couldn't do shit off addy so guess what 2016 he got a doctors excuse he was ADD then being allowed to take it by MLB all the sudden he was a great player again. I see him as a cheater no different than Barry Bonds and steroids but he makes multi millions so he can live with it but deep down he knows just as I did taking it he is cheating it's not normal and eventually your going to pay for it one way or another.
  12. I think your situation is fucked up and should have the right to sue your doctors for creating a life long amphetamine addiction in someone who should have never been put on it. Your extreme dosages seems to be criminal especially given the health risk you have. I hope you have a desire to quit because think it's not really a option to continue on at your pace by the time a doctor finds irregularity in your heart probably be too late. But hey then they can always make more money off you to treat that. See it for what it is your a addict doctors are your drug dealers they beleive you'll be a lifelong consumer started you very very young and whatever damage they do to you will only profit them more. Sorry maybe not what you want to hear but that's my belief and sure a few others on here may see it that way also.
  13. It's crazy when we finally realize this drug makes us worse yet our brain says take more and more. You got to take control of your thoughts no longer let that addicted side of your brain have control. It's not a easy fight and why we take so long to finally commit to quitting. Hopefully this will be the wake up call you need knowing you could probably take your entire bottle in one day but it will never make you the focused and productive person it did when you first started. Good luck and go to those NA meetings.
  14. 8 Stages of Amphetamine Use/Abuse

    Feel definitely made it to stage 7 even maybe 8. Sometimes I have a hard time talking but it's been getting better. It's weird if I go out and drink or two 'not that I do often' I can carry on a conversation just fine but sober I stop mid sentence and over evaluate what I'm going to say next. It should be mandated anyone who is going to take this drug or have their children take it this information should be signed in agreement that your aware of the risk. Of course even if it was doctors would play it off that these side affects are very rare and the benefits outweigh the risk. It's funny I often wonder how many people who take this medication prescribe it I'm 95% sure one of my psychologists was. She was very thin and very distant she knew why I came very few questions were ever asked. The visits were maybe 5 minutes max felt like visiting a drug dealer and nothing more. I saw her for 5 years don't even recall her name even though it was on my prescription bottles but back then who people were didn't really matter.
  15. Night terrors

    Here is the thing on addy you never really have dreams often because you never really get into that deep sleep "I think at least" . I recall after quitting having dreams for the first time in a long time. I think the dreams of terror have nothing to do with quitting but having dreams you recall do. Btw I have had dreams of fighting before one time elbowed my girlfriend in the head I felt really bad but she was ok. Maybe try mediation before bed or listen I some peaceful music. Or say fuck it listen to some Pantera and get ready to rumble in your sleep can be fun at times long as u don't hurt someone laying next to you.