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  1. At 3 years couple months I have motivational issues. I guess people who don’t know they just think it’s bs excuse to be lazy. Yet when I worked 24/7 doing nonstop projects people I guess believed I was doing it all naturally? I absolutely hate being lazy why it was so hard to quit. No matter how much better I’ve gotten I’m still my harshest critique and sometimes can be a very bad thing. I always expect more and to this day not happy with my daily output which i know is still below my range pre adderall. The only time I really felt satisfied was when I worked nonstop no sleep and got a lot of shit done. But know that’s not something I could continue doing and live long why I had to quit plus I was scatterbrained and had huge mood swings ready to argue with anyone over nothing at all times. .
  2. Hats off for quitting nicotine something I’ve yet to accomplish. I haven’t actually smoked for about 6 years but I vape constantly like I’m some hipster. I definitely dont do it to be cool sort of hate the crowd it puts me in but it sure works I don’t crave cigarettes at all they taste like crap after I got used to vape. I tried to quit vaping went to 0mg for a week but went right back to my 6mg. I don’t really think it has bad side effects I can run just fine never seem to run out of breath unless I’m doing something extreme which would make most anyone need a breather. I do feel the vaping did keep my appetite in check sure would be a little harder without. I’m not endorsing vaping but if you must choose to use nicotine by far it’s no contest between vaping and smoking which is healthier. It’s just hard for me to quit nicotine since I don’t hardly drink, strict diet, work out daily it’s like I need some sort of relief. I’ll give quitting another shot someday vaping gets pretty costly waste of money.
  3. Documantry on Amazon called Buzz One Four talked about pilots who manned 30-40 hour nonstop flights carrying nuclear bombs in B-52 bombers during the 1960’s. All pilots were required to take “buzz pills” amphetamines. It’s amazing we live in a country that locks up people for having weed for personal use yet we forced pilots carrying weapons of mass destruction to use speed drugs. One of these planes crashed into a mountain somewhere in western Maryland what the document was primarily about. It was carrying two 9 megaton thermonuclear bombs combined over eleven hundred times more powerful than the bomb dropped on Hiroshima. If dentonated would devostated multiple cities from Washington to Boston. The crash was not caused by the crewman rather a tail fin fell off it was already documented to have issues of failure in strong turbulence. There were 32 of these plane crashes documented with nuclear payloads. Some were blamed on pilot error. To this day nuclear bombs from wrecks still sit in a Georgia river another one in Seattle woods a few others scattered around. You’d think at some point all efforts to retrieve these bombs would be top priority.
  4. Definitely hits the nail on the head unfortunately I’m sure most parents believe it does not apply because their child was classified as ADD. Possibly it could persuade them to lower dosage but when grades start slipping sure they would just go back to the higher dose. It’s really a shame people do not understand the grip of addiction that takes place and he’s right cocaine has nothing on adderall. I did lines in my younger days quit never craved or missed that shit again after a couple days. Adderall quit 3 years ago still think about it at least once a fucking day.
  5. You need to make some sort of nutrition plan. I think going keto with intermittent fasting is the easiest it suppresses hungar by adding more fats to your diet. Although I’m not on it now helped me out a lot when I first got off this stuff. You can’t expect your big appetite will just go away. This is why so many skinny trophy wife soccer moms love adderall it takes little effort to stay thin while on it.
  6. Just saw some mention of this on a bro Facebook page as a boost for workouts. But looks to possibly have other benefits we could use to help in recovery. I’m also using lions mame and MCT oil in coffee most days anything that can help with focus.
  7. Swimming lessons

    It’s really great exercise no impact on joints so sort of a break from running and weights and get some killer cardio. I’d recommend buying some fins it’s helped me a lot also a front facing snorkel so u can focus on form not worry about breathing. These are ones I got pretty reasonable price work great.
  8. Swimming lessons

    Well over the last couple months took on a challenge I’ve avoided my entire life. I never learned how to swim growing up. But felt it was a challenge worth taking on. Taken a class as a 40 year old adult is very humbling and you must leave your ego at the door. Happy to say I’ve made a lot of progress started doing laps now, ok one then stop for a little while still getting that breathing part down. I have little body fat so it’s a constant effort from going under my body just wants to sink. Anyways this is something on adderall I would have never considered to be important enough to take on plus my ego would not have let me. My ultimate goal is to take part of a triathlon some day I’ll need a lot of practice swimming and get more time on a bike and pick up a little more running but hopefully something I can do in a year or so time. Now if I can only have the same drive, focus and motivation when it comes to actual work work as I do for self improvements I’ll be in great shape.
  9. How to work/ be in real life

    I tapered my second and successful time quitting. It was done in a 3 month period with a date set in stone last day to take it. My drug dealer I mean doctor recommended a year step down but I didn’t have the patience for that but knowing the first time I failed after a month going cold turkey I did want some sort of step down. Your either going to quit or not so if you can’t control your dosage to step down chances are your not serious about quitting. Just my thoughts some disagree believe in the cold turkey method only but I tried it once just did not work for me.
  10. How to work/ be in real life

    I feel it will be very hard to keep up that fast pace career quitting and still working just being honest. Think you need to determine if your still functioning at a high level on this drug fact is it stops working for all of us and at some point and we actually become somewhat lazy and very unfocused. The only thing we want is more adderall chasing that euphoria feeling that has faded away. If you are still doing your best on it how’s your health? Is this career and taking adderall worth some the serious health risk? Is taking it daily something you can continue doing until retirement or heart attack whichever comes first. If someone can make millions in 7-10 years on adderall have money invested then quit think it’s worth the risk. For everyone else we fucked up and should never have taken it.
  11. Couch to 5k

    Far as running to prevent injuries have any of you guys looked into minimalist shoe wear? I’ve heard how modern shoes trains us by design to be heal runners, I know for me I do even when I try not to. I have not read Christopher McDougall book but see some of his you tube videos and his theory of modern runner injuries linked to athletic shoes makes a lot of sense. Last summer I did a few hill runs in the grass barefoot think I pushed too hard and got a pretty bad calf injury. Actually I just felt it hurt but kept doing them then did a 5k when it shot to shit, I made the finish in good time but couldn’t walk for a couple days. But now I’m considering buying a pair of minimalist shoes off amazon but this time taking things slow no barefoot hill runs or long runs right out the gate.
  12. No problem I read your post after that didn’t realize your a woman so probably might not want all the protein I have. But basically get some kind of meal plan and prep makes life easier also saves money. A lot of meal prep videos on you tube sure they have some geared towards woman. We all feel hopeless and want to give up at many points of recovery the thing you have to keep in mind going back will not solve anything you wouldn’t be on here in the first place if life was good on it.
  13. Give yourself a break for a little while on enjoying food coming off of addy. But as time goes on you’ll want to work on it. Here is some of what I do now and it’s given me great results. Breakfast options: fruit, oatmeal, eggs, whole grain bread with cream cheese or peanut butter. Lunch/ Dinner: new go to meal is ground turkey with taco seasoning, rice, black beans , Greek yogurt (sour cream substitute) and salsa. I eat that probably 3-4 times a week for lunch love it. -grilled chicken breast I use a white balsamic vinaigrette marinade. I buy a big package at Sams club toss them in the marinade at night then grill them have a couple nights worth of dinners. -Fish I try to eat salmon or some other fish once a week, -Flank steak it has minimum fat good protein and taste . I cook in soy sauce, garlic and Worcestershire sauce -buy the good stuff Lea & Perrins better for you natural ingredients vs generic. Sides: Most time I have steam broccoli, asparagus, sometimes sweet potatoes or rice if I haven’t done much exercise wise I’ll usually skip the carbs especially at dinner time. Desert: Halo Top ice cream or a piece of 85% cocoa bar. Snacks: protein shake or graze on smoked almonds. I’d recommend MP combat protein 100% whey, cookies N cream awesome flavor for a real treat add some PB2 powdered peanut butter, you can find both on amazon I also have popcorn once in awhile can buy big ass healthy bags of it pretty cheap now bevrages : coffee cream no sugar, Bang energy drink (has O calories but I’m still pretty sure it’s still horrible for me high of caffeine but a can last me most of the day just sip on it) , I drink a lot of flavored water so many options now days. Alcohol usually on Sundays I allow myself one night a week but now shooting for one night every-other week. Sunday’s are my normal cheat day so really anything goes but try not to go overboard and waste all my weeks efforts. What I’ve found is meal prep is the easiest way to keep on track cook big amounts use meal containers heat up when needed. If I’m working a lot sometimes it’s hard but I can usually always find a gas station to heat up my prep meals in between my calls. I’m definitely the complete opposite of what I was on addy. Most days woke up to pop tart, sugary cereal or bagel. Had coffee with cream and a lot of sugar, multiple Red Bull’s or Dr. peppers “not sugar free”. Lunch anything fast food I could find ,snacks Reese’s pieces or some other sugary snack like little debbies, dinners usually frozen pizza , Mac n cheese hot dogs basically anything easy to make did not have time to make a real meal too busy doing whatever, also multiple beers or cocktail nightly for sure. I can’t promise eating healthy will cure the addy blues but you’ll definitely feel better looking in the mirror.
  14. About One Year Addy Free

    I know in my younger days going out with friends at the end of the night doing a little blow was a common theme. Things have changed a friends brother of mine just died from doing cocaine laced with Fentanyl. Not that cocaine was ever safe but now your sort of playing Russian roulette never knowing what’s in it hope your friends realize the risk. But that’s cool to do softball tournaments always love playing and still feel just maybe that a mlb scout is checking out the softball beer league and will be impressed lol. Anyways congrats on one year for me it was hard really wanting to see daily progress but just having ups and downs. I took a lot more than you for a lot longer plus was doing pain pills. But appears even people who did small doses for short periods of time still have issues after one year. Unlike most people personally I have not had a ton of anxiety I feel the first year I did once in awhile mostly in large stores like Lowe’s I feel it was associated with the fluorescent lights for some reason. I did pick up along with many more supplements one called lithium orotate, it seemed to help at the time but then again could have been a placebo effect. You might check it out basically the claim is we no longer receive lithium are bodies need because of filtered water. It’s a natural mineral the body is missing and without it we can have issues like anxiety. Do not get it confused with prescription lithium which is very concentrated it’s completely different. Wish I had more words of wisdom but seems we are all in this together trying are best to get back to a baseline level and seems besides the obvious exercise and diet time alone is the biggest factor for recovery.
  15. Couch to 5k

    Just finished the book Living With A Seal aka David Goggins guess I’m a fan, good book of inspiration for running along with pushing your personal boundaries.