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  1. Swimming lessons

    Well over the last couple months took on a challenge I’ve avoided my entire life. I never learned how to swim growing up. But felt it was a challenge worth taking on. Taken a class as a 40 year old adult is very humbling and you must leave your ego at the door. Happy to say I’ve made a lot of progress started doing laps now, ok one then stop for a little while still getting that breathing part down. I have little body fat so it’s a constant effort from going under my body just wants to sink. Anyways this is something on adderall I would have never considered to be important enough to take on plus my ego would not have let me. My ultimate goal is to take part of a triathlon some day I’ll need a lot of practice swimming and get more time on a bike and pick up a little more running but hopefully something I can do in a year or so time. Now if I can only have the same drive, focus and motivation when it comes to actual work work as I do for self improvements I’ll be in great shape.
  2. Ok got a app that shows my beats per minute. I avg around 85 bpm in non exercise mode. To me that seems high I’m 39 yrs old 5’9” weigh around 175. I’m sure years of adderall use probbably bumped it up wondering if anyone has successfully lowed theirs post adderall and what you did. Guessing I need to do more short sprint exercise runs something like that but not sure.
  3. Swimming lessons

    It’s really great exercise no impact on joints so sort of a break from running and weights and get some killer cardio. I’d recommend buying some fins it’s helped me a lot also a front facing snorkel so u can focus on form not worry about breathing. These are ones I got pretty reasonable price work great.
  4. Social media garbage.

    Just observing my own fb seems the days of any joys of reading news feeds are completely gone. The realization that virtually only the same people with the same views that will never change are the only ones constantly posting. Then u get the holiday bs of family pics that everyone post, like o wow u had kids pose in front of the Christmas tree original or u went to a local holiday venue where thousands of others posted selfies. No one is real anymore besides maybe the assholes who want to push the way they view the world is the only right way. But are they real? Na they just want everyone to know they are on team left or right. Sure people share emotions the home team won a game, the weather is fucking hot or it’s fucking cold, my pet is fucking awesome, like what’s the point of all this shit? If I did not have my buisness in the mix feel Id delete my fb. Anyways glad I have this place to be real even if you don’t know my real name lol.
  5. How to work/ be in real life

    I tapered my second and successful time quitting. It was done in a 3 month period with a date set in stone last day to take it. My drug dealer I mean doctor recommended a year step down but I didn’t have the patience for that but knowing the first time I failed after a month going cold turkey I did want some sort of step down. Your either going to quit or not so if you can’t control your dosage to step down chances are your not serious about quitting. Just my thoughts some disagree believe in the cold turkey method only but I tried it once just did not work for me.
  6. How to work/ be in real life

    I feel it will be very hard to keep up that fast pace career quitting and still working just being honest. Think you need to determine if your still functioning at a high level on this drug fact is it stops working for all of us and at some point and we actually become somewhat lazy and very unfocused. The only thing we want is more adderall chasing that euphoria feeling that has faded away. If you are still doing your best on it how’s your health? Is this career and taking adderall worth some the serious health risk? Is taking it daily something you can continue doing until retirement or heart attack whichever comes first. If someone can make millions in 7-10 years on adderall have money invested then quit think it’s worth the risk. For everyone else we fucked up and should never have taken it.
  7. Couch to 5k

    Far as running to prevent injuries have any of you guys looked into minimalist shoe wear? I’ve heard how modern shoes trains us by design to be heal runners, I know for me I do even when I try not to. I have not read Christopher McDougall book but see some of his you tube videos and his theory of modern runner injuries linked to athletic shoes makes a lot of sense. Last summer I did a few hill runs in the grass barefoot think I pushed too hard and got a pretty bad calf injury. Actually I just felt it hurt but kept doing them then did a 5k when it shot to shit, I made the finish in good time but couldn’t walk for a couple days. But now I’m considering buying a pair of minimalist shoes off amazon but this time taking things slow no barefoot hill runs or long runs right out the gate.
  8. About One Year Addy Free

    I know in my younger days going out with friends at the end of the night doing a little blow was a common theme. Things have changed a friends brother of mine just died from doing cocaine laced with Fentanyl. Not that cocaine was ever safe but now your sort of playing Russian roulette never knowing what’s in it hope your friends realize the risk. But that’s cool to do softball tournaments always love playing and still feel just maybe that a mlb scout is checking out the softball beer league and will be impressed lol. Anyways congrats on one year for me it was hard really wanting to see daily progress but just having ups and downs. I took a lot more than you for a lot longer plus was doing pain pills. But appears even people who did small doses for short periods of time still have issues after one year. Unlike most people personally I have not had a ton of anxiety I feel the first year I did once in awhile mostly in large stores like Lowe’s I feel it was associated with the fluorescent lights for some reason. I did pick up along with many more supplements one called lithium orotate, it seemed to help at the time but then again could have been a placebo effect. You might check it out basically the claim is we no longer receive lithium are bodies need because of filtered water. It’s a natural mineral the body is missing and without it we can have issues like anxiety. Do not get it confused with prescription lithium which is very concentrated it’s completely different. Wish I had more words of wisdom but seems we are all in this together trying are best to get back to a baseline level and seems besides the obvious exercise and diet time alone is the biggest factor for recovery.
  9. Couch to 5k

    Just finished the book Living With A Seal aka David Goggins guess I’m a fan, good book of inspiration for running along with pushing your personal boundaries.
  10. Social media garbage.

    I recently went to a local casino, just looking at all the lost souls mindlessly feeding slot machines looking for that hit of endorphins from the flashy lights and sounds drinking and smoking health away was really sad, especially given how many were on oxygen machines. Then you realize the same people paid to create those kind of machines are now hired by social media companies it sort of hits home. I have been guilty myself of constantly checking Facebook. Even if I’m was not posting I just felt left out if I did not know who was bitching about what or whatever. It is definitely an addiction and one now I’m taking on. I recently deleted it from my phone and only checking on my pc once in awhile. I guess we all want to feel important, special and not left out. But the reality of social media is just like real life the world will not stop spinning if you leave it.
  11. KomGordon , I do take pride in quitting but do I feel it’s a right of passage? Should everyone need to suffer years? Hell no! If you find a method that really helps avoid one to two years of misery I would encourage all new users to follow it. Yes I know how low you got don’t say your case is beyond everybody else. I’ll be honest you sure act like your on adderall right now with your ego maybe your little science project on yourself is working a little too well. Your still new to this come back after a year of stopping all your peptides etc and say your doing great, then that will prove your experiment worked.
  12. Congrats on tossing your meds away and getting rid of future scripts. I still have a short video of the day I put mine in the paper shredder as a reminder of the day I quit for good.
  13. Just wondering if you have proof of this? So you’d say no one should take say Wellbutrin because it’s a mild stimulant also? Although taking 0 stimulants would be ideal while recovering from abusing adderall for some it’s near impossible and if you want to claim taking any will just totally screw up recovery (which let’s be honest has no real timeline) I’d just like to see the studies that back it up. I see people with 1-2 years clean going back to adderall because no one has any options for them except mostly a bunch of snake oil supplement remedy’s. I just think we need to keep a open mind the main thing is people not going back to adderall and of course not doing illegal street drugs in place of.
  14. You put all that together in Reddit?
  15. I believe he should have paid u back or at least given u a heads up about it by now. If he’s offended but hasnt offered payment or given some timeline I sure wouldn’t feel too bad about it. Im open on here and open when I attend NA about my recovery. But honestly nobody understands at all what this is like. I mean u go to rehab for opioids or booze u get a fucking big thumbs up from society. But quitting this shit people are like wtf is wrong with u fucking lazy ass get back to work! It’s really hard to deal with that when you’ve been the complete opposite for so long on this medication. I wish more help would become available for people quitting it’s very hard but your in the right place with people who know what your dealing with.
  16. How much money and how long has he owed you?
  17. More ashamed to post this than ever

    Sounds like your doing a lot great job! Addy helped my depression also but more than likely just sort of masked it. I have a lot more depression in the winter with the lack of sun exposure for sure. I look at my phone too often as well but pretty much everyone these days has the problem it seems. Im not sure where your at on recovery but the 3rd year things seem to improve more so don’t feel where your at is how it always will be.
  18. More ashamed to post this than ever

    I understand quitting but still looking back st times. Do u still work nights?
  19. Couch to 5k

    After listing to audio book by David Goggins ‘Can’t Hurt Me’ inspired me to really start to push myself training and everyday activities. With the right mindset you can overcome anything and I’m done looking at my laziness with a pass I’m beyond that point of recovery to go easy on myself have for way too long. The audio book is awesome because it’s almost like a podcast with him going over the chapters just read. Gonna start running more done a couple 5ks but like to do 10k or a marathon next. Listing to him talk about his 24 hr 130 mile bad water race in the dessert was something else true inspiration. Give yourself a Christmas gift and download or buy that book.
  20. Had a childhood friend older brother just OD from cocaine laced with fentanyl. Taking any drugs off the streets these days is really risky can see more people looking to get adderall scripts since OxyContin restrictions and the risk of any street drug. To be honest I don’t care much if junkies seek it out what gets me is parents giving it to children and adults taking it for help and not realize what they are getting into. Doctors never tell you what happens after long term use and always play down the difficulty of quitting.
  21. 3 years!!!

    Sean sent you a personal message hit me back buddy.
  22. Shifting Teeth?!

    I had some major dental work in my early 20’s all paid for myself. Had pallet expansion done by sugary really sucked, removed four teeth had braces for several years. Although during my addy days I never took great care of myself whenever I did sleep was religious about wearing my retainer I recall couple nights if I was staying up even put them in, funny I was killing myself slowly yet had to have perfect teeth. Anyways my teeth now look the same if I go without my retainer for even one night I notice a big difference in how tight it fits. But on addy I recall telling my dentist I feel my jaw popping it was constant, it was from the drug so jacked up full of tension after I stopped so did the popping I bet without that retainer I probably would have grindinded my teeth at night. You can order retainers on a sight called I’ve used them great bargain for replacements.
  23. Things better than a high?

    Fuck IKEA! I put a queen size bed frame together with drawers “post addy” took me like 3 days, never again.
  24. It’s very frustrating being with someone who makes life miserable I can relate. I’m not sure if you’ve gone over the fact that you feel the drug is the problem yet or not but it would be good to go so. If possible share this site with her. But the problem is no one can force anyone to get off this drug after all its “medically” needed a doctor said so. But here we all know the truth, getting diagnosed for adderall is the easiest things on earth to do. Even if one doctor says no four more would say yes.
  25. Letting Go Completely

    You have to manipulate your mind. Tell yourself a near impossible situation that will allow yourself to take it again. Say we are invadid by aliens and they come to you. They tell you the only way to save mankind is taking adderall, if you say no they wipe out the planet. Much as you will hate to given you’ll save the fucking planet you give in. So in fact your not telling yourself never and silly as it seems it does help. Just mind tricks I told myself keeping me off that crap for 3 years. Don’t fight those inner thoughts that never seem to go away just try outsmart them.