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  1. 3 years!!!

    Sean sent you a personal message hit me back buddy.
  2. Shifting Teeth?!

    I had some major dental work in my early 20’s all paid for myself. Had pallet expansion done by sugary really sucked, removed four teeth had braces for several years. Although during my addy days I never took great care of myself whenever I did sleep was religious about wearing my retainer I recall couple nights if I was staying up even put them in, funny I was killing myself slowly yet had to have perfect teeth. Anyways my teeth now look the same if I go without my retainer for even one night I notice a big difference in how tight it fits. But on addy I recall telling my dentist I feel my jaw popping it was constant, it was from the drug so jacked up full of tension after I stopped so did the popping I bet without that retainer I probably would have grindinded my teeth at night. You can order retainers on a sight called I’ve used them great bargain for replacements.
  3. Things better than a high?

    Fuck IKEA! I put a queen size bed frame together with drawers “post addy” took me like 3 days, never again.
  4. It’s very frustrating being with someone who makes life miserable I can relate. I’m not sure if you’ve gone over the fact that you feel the drug is the problem yet or not but it would be good to go so. If possible share this site with her. But the problem is no one can force anyone to get off this drug after all its “medically” needed a doctor said so. But here we all know the truth, getting diagnosed for adderall is the easiest things on earth to do. Even if one doctor says no four more would say yes.
  5. Letting Go Completely

    You have to manipulate your mind. Tell yourself a near impossible situation that will allow yourself to take it again. Say we are invadid by aliens and they come to you. They tell you the only way to save mankind is taking adderall, if you say no they wipe out the planet. Much as you will hate to given you’ll save the fucking planet you give in. So in fact your not telling yourself never and silly as it seems it does help. Just mind tricks I told myself keeping me off that crap for 3 years. Don’t fight those inner thoughts that never seem to go away just try outsmart them.
  6. Sober November

    Well just update of overall shit lol. Anyways one thing I’m noticing not wanting to drink much is suddenly my interest in watching sports dropped big time after all what to do if not drinking while watching games of young athletes living glory you never had or will have. Don’t get me wrong I still watch my local teams but if I miss a couple of their games I don’t care as much. My workouts have been getting harder, off the daily booze I have more intensity but also it could be to my change in diet. Ok I’ve been a big fan of keto was basically on it about maybe 1.5yrs. But reading more and looking at my lifestyle decided to stop and bring some carbs back in and reduce the fat intake. Carbs being mostly rice and sweet potatoes nearly daily. I’m not eating fries or chips unless it’s skip day which now is more of a cheat meal not a entire day. I was tracking my calories and learned I was in a calorie deficit. So now I’m eating normally good sized meal 3 sometimes 4 times a day with a protein shake every meal with some carbs, veggies and lean protein meat. Being off the keto I really do appreciate that diet it does work far as loosing weight and food was great. But if your hitting the gym 5-6 times a week it can drain you. I seem to have more energy now. So it’s hard to know what’s been better the new diet or cutting off the nightly buzz but I’m going to keep doing what’s working. Plus I feel a lot better my kids don’t see dad having a couple of beers every other night. Hopefully they will recall when older dad ate healthy worked out almost daily and drank occasionally. They are a big reason I quit addy did not want them to see me pop pills everyday to be productive and now I’m continue to grow and be a better role model.
  7. I didn’t read it all but if he’s still gone probably best think it’s more than just adderall but it’s certainly a big factor.
  8. Early Warning Signs

    If I worked for someone else right now I’d probably bring in about the same amount of pay but work double the hours. So you can make good money working for someone else, just more work. If I had more buisness smarts I’d probably be making a lot more but that’s just me. I’m fine where I’m at maybe once I’m totally over this post addy fog I may get more ambitious to grow but right now can’t handle that pressure and I’m paying all my bills so I’m happy. If I was to ever quit my company I’d for look into going Union they make very good money plus killer benefits with retirement packages. The bad side is the pay sort of sucks to starts union or not but with time it gets better. Huge shortage of younger techs in this field so if you want job security would be something worth looking into.
  9. Early Warning Signs

    I jumped right in knew it was probably horrible for me but was so thrilled I could work non stop didn’t care. I basically remodeled my entire house on that stuff. But recall I was so fixiated I lost friends they came over we’re supposed to go out and I was doing tile in my bathroom at like 9pm on a friday this was still in my later 20’s. Pretty soon the phone calls to hang stopped I was a full blown workaholic for about a decade. Accomplished a lot I don’t regret all of it but sure did miss a lot of life with all my projects. I’m not your typical academic scholar taking it to cram on midterms. I was using to run my hvac buisness, remodel flip homes and restore old pinball games basically I never slept just work work work. Now I’m 3 years clean I love to sleep now. I still like my job but the remodeling and game repair stuff stopped. My main hobby now is health working out and eating right maybe some would say a little obsessed but now I make time for family friends and sleep for sure. It’s been very hard but I had no choice Little doubt I’d be dead if I never stopped. I was so messed up I was planning a suicide to end the madness because never thought I could actually quit.
  10. Sober November

    Feel good wouldn’t say life changing but here is the positive. My little pouch belly has gotten flatter lost about 3lbs, even with a strict diet working out nearly everyday a few miller lites will keep you from ever getting a 6 pack at least at age 40 and I’m getting close to having one. I know it’s kind of a d bag goal but never had one so going for it why not. Also a lot less peeing it’s like soon as my lips taste beer I gotta pee all damn night and all morning so not dealing with that is nice. Not relying on it every night to relax just learning to cope without it. I did drink on Thanksgiving but I also ran a 5k in the morning played flag football after I felt I deserved it dammit. I only drank 2-3 beers entire day did not drink to get a buzz did not crave getting a buzz either just enjoyed the beer. I feel moving forward drinking will be a occasional treat having with a weekend cheat meal. Far as more energy focus to be honest haven’t noticed much difference but sure it’s helping in some ways.
  11. I bought some cbd oil you put under your tongue about a week ago. Feel it’s really helped some with anxiety/ depression and with some body aches I always have. Highly recommended giving it a try it does not get you high no thc but gives all the other benefits of cannabis. Also think it’s helped with the urge to drink as I’m doing a sober November.
  12. Relapse

    Sean I know right around the 2nd year I was actually calling around to find psychiatrist. Part of me was just saying I’ll be open to suggestions but I knew the real reason, I wanted to get back on adderall. I actually ended up calling someone off here who changed my mind so I never made that appointment. If you’d like message me I’ll give you my number. I dont have all the answers but be glad to help anyway I can sometimes it’s best to talk it out.
  13. 30 Days! (But Now What?)

    It seems odd I’m now the “old guy” with a son 18 I started young just now hitting 40. Think younger generations now are not making the same mistakes mine did as often having children before they are ready yet for all the problems it does make one is forced to grow up. How I got into adderall when he was in second grade my son was given a prescription to help him focus in school. It totally made him into someone else no happiness or sadness sort of a zombie. I thought what is this like I’m gonna try it myself see what it could be doing. Well I loved it but thought it was way too harsh for a second grader. So I got him off it then went and got my own prescription and that started me on the road of 10 years of addiction. It was a stupid choice I knew it was bad for my child yet thought the benefits it gave me of superhuman motivation was worth the bad side effects.
  14. 30 Days! (But Now What?)

    Congrats on 30days! If I did not have my own buisness when I first quit probably would have been fired. So it’s really hard to judge at this point what your going to do. I don’t know how old you are but guessing mid 20’s? If so your not alone see so many young people sort of lost, a little college and part time jobs no set career. I’d give it time just focus on quitting if your lucky enough to have that luxury. My oldest son is graduating high school this year although he’s not big on studying he feels just going to college will get him a job afterwords. That’s true if you know why your going for but this bs taught in high schools schools you just go to college and just land a big paying career afterwords is garbage and I tell him that. Personally I went to trade school best thing I ever did. I’m not saying he must go that route but if he really does not like to study or have any goals in mind going to college I feel is a waste. Too meet new people maybe join a gym or do a little volunteer work in your community. Seems like visiting Israel will be something to keep you occupied and mind off addy for awhile good luck on the trip.
  15. My Story So Far, 191 Days Clean

    Definitely hang in next week I’ll hit the three year mark and things improving a lot. Think out of all three people that quit when I did on here I might have had a longer time to really get back to a new normal. Might have been how long I took addy and how much plus I was abusing pain pills. But regardless yes coming into year three things are getting so much better. The start of year two I would not have said that.
  16. Sounds like some major side effects and your heart definitely at risk. Sad your “doctor” heard you concerns and gave you a higher dosage. Feel honestly these jerks should be legally liable for creating speed junkies. We all took this to be our best but in the end does the opposite. The good thing is your very new to this only two years so likely your recovery period should take less time but does not mean at all it will be easy. So you know it’s literally killing you it’s obviously not the answer to your problems hope you choose to stop sooner va later. Just look at it a small phase of your life that’s in the past don’t beat yourself up too bad. Yes life goes on without it will folding socks, cleaning house or reading a instruction manual give you euphoria after you stop? No it won’t but it’s fake your never able to enjoy real things in life that should bring you happiness when doing busy work gives you a rush.
  17. Long timer checking in.

    Congrats we started same time along with Bluemoon know she’s been doing good also pretty cool all 3 of us made it.
  18. 5 days clean feeling hopeful but tempted

    Congrats on 5 days! For most people I’d say take a month or two off eat whatever don’t worry about work outs take it easy then dive into those challenges. If your livelyhood depends on appearance and u can’t take time off then you’ll have to get on the ball with a game plan with a healthy way to control your appetite. Become friends with apple cider vinegar it helps, also like I mentioned before consider a keto diet. It would be best though if you could just let yourself go a month and just focus on stopping the meds. Just consider at some point your gonna have to quit for good and really no time is the right time always something will be going on in your life where you feel it’s a need.
  19. Sober November

    I had weed this summer on float trip this summer for the first time in a long time. I basically sat and said nothing for hours totally paranoid. Stuffs a lot more potent these days not for me lol. But believe it should be legal everywhere such hypocrisy alcohol which can literally kill u if over consumer is legal but pot still is not. Let alone the medical multiple benefits. So far just 5 days in feeling a little more energy even though never drank to falling down drunk but think the 2-3 beer buzz from before dinner I’ve grown accustomed too every other day was getting too much. If you do intermittent fasting u know that’s usually a very solid buzz also lol. From what I’ve read it’s pretty counterproductive drinking before u eat the body is focused with breaking down alcohol alllowing more fat to be stored from the food so also this may help me with my fitness goals as well.
  20. Triggers

    In my opinion being healthy looking good post addy is the most obtainable goal to achieve. But I’ve never had a real bad eating disorder not male model so hard for me to judge if that’s your main reason to use. I know back in the 50’s they pushed this shit on housewives to stay thin believe woman just have more troubles with food vs men. If you already like to work out you’ll probably enjoy it more off addy because you’ll crave that adrenaline rush u no longer get with pills. Maybe look into a keto diet to curb your appetite when you quit addy it’s probably not a life long solution but the diet does work u won’t crave food all the time and along with intermittent fasting you won’t be spending tons of money on food good luck hope u decide to quit for good it’s not easy I know.
  21. Triggers

    Most people over eat no doubt. But with discipline you can do things like intermittent fasting. Feels much better accomplish fitness goals off addy. It sounds like you don’t have much interest in stopping which is fine your body just wondering why your on this site if everything is golden on adderall?
  22. Glad you found out u did not want I’d urge anybody to share thoughts about going back on here first maybe it would have avoided it all together. Just curious why you felt if you quit for 14 months and still had brain fog how would going back on it for only six months then quitting again be beneficial? Even if it did help at the new job be right back where u started after six months having to quit again. I highly doubt uour doctor would have said no to u after six months if you changed your mind, actually with that 6 month request he should have not given it at all honestly but majority don’t care that’s obvious. Hope u tossed away those pills even if it made u feel aweful part of your brain will always crave them no need to have them available.
  23. 2018s Most Googled Health Condition - ADHD

    Well pretty much everybody is adhd these days but medications are not the solution put your fucking smart phone away for a couple hours lol.
  24. I watched about half of it definitely seemingly promoting its use couldn’t bare anymore. I’d love for them to do a follow up on all those college kids doing so great on it 10 years after. What happens when it loses the magic? When the user realizes they have no self will it’s all artificial. They can’t function with coworkers and family because constantly on edge. When your only goal is getting more and more meds chasing that euphoria and focus it once produced.
  25. 9 Months. Help!

    MADD congrats on 9 months. Yes we do seem to always focus only on the bright side of this dark drug. Your fighting yourself the addiction is etched deep in your brain and that voice in your head is screaming it wants that drug back. But you know what will happen, you know how bad it makes you feel, you know that’s not what you really want. I’m sure you’ve read what to do in recovery but if you haven’t try to start working out either take long walks, jog or hit the gym up hard either way do something to get your endorphins going. For me do believe that’s been a huge help even getting up now at 4:30am to hit the gym. I’m not a morning person actually hate it but what I found if I get up at 7am or 4:30am I still hate it the same so fuck it wake up early be mad get some shit done at the gym so don’t have to worry about it the rest of the day.