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  1. Wow powerful stuff I definitely feel if your not in NA should start going ASAP you could gain a lot from those meetings. Post on here often we all are here to help each other out.
  2. Just what I needed today.

    Yep normally I turn those ones off don’t give a damn what they have to say. It’s cheating it’s fake and I don’t have anything to learn from someone who can’t do life without it.
  3. Just what I needed today.

    Yes its very inspirational changing my view of struggling off this medication. Everybody on here might benefit listing to that podcast episode.
  4. Different experience

    I do not think any pre workout drink can legally have amphetamines. Normally jacked up with caffeine and vitamin B. I have heard some supplements from China can have a lot of different crap mixed in because they do not clean out the mixing buckets or whatever properly and cross contamination happens. I’ll be honest if I had no bad side effects and it kept working for me no way would I have quit. Not trying to say get back on it just be honest with yourself of why u quit.
  5. Motivation help

    Can relate it’s very hard last it seems forever. Can’t imagine starting that young and for so long congrats for making it this far off it! I know one member is looking to start a class action lawsuite. To me anyone who was forced this narcotic against his or her free will should be compensated heavily for the pain and suffering of withdraw. For me it was a choice sort of knew anything that felt that good I was going to have to stop and go through hell eventually and I was right.
  6. I want to die.

    Quitting this drug is no joke pray for a day we find something to help ease this process. Kiona hope your doing ok a lot of people on here willing to talk to you message anyone of us.
  7. How long did you give yourself a pass?

    Great question one at this stage I still ponder. I say after the first month or two try to get back into working out maybe 3 times a week and start to watch your diet but overall take it easy. One thing about working out you can take a picture of your body and compare visually see results of your hard work. But u can’t take a snapshot of your brains before and after in recovery why it’s so damn frustrating even if u make progress u just don’t see it.
  8. Coping with triggers/stress?

    Man lucky wish Joe would come to KC. Listen to his podcast all the time some good stuff. Interesting he brings up how the president is more than likely still on a diet speed pill makes perfect sense the way he acts.
  9. Coping with triggers/stress?

    I’ve noticed a few people that I was pretty sure were taking it. They acted weird jumpy all over the place. Sure I was the same and makes me glad I’m not anymore. I’m too old to hear people talk about how great it is but in college sure that will be a challenge for you. But just pay close attention to how they act and it probably wont seem as great.
  10. How many years were you on Adderall?

    Really none of us are in a category to “win” it’s so hard to quit this I don’t even want to know the actual percentage of people who successfully quit long term 5 yrs plus. We all experienced a drug that gave us a edge, made everyday boring life exciting. People who never took won’t understand and even people who abused other drugs and not this really don’t get it. We are all on a island by ourselves the few who have the courage to risk everything to stop being a slave to a superhuman pill. The pill that makes us achieve some remarkable accomplishments but also destroys us at the same time.
  11. Obligatory Relapse Rant / Update

    Well life isn’t fair and life can be very hard challenging off it but obviously on it you are worse off possibly close to dying. I hope u can be strong stop and start over.
  12. 300mg per day = DONE WITH AND LIVING!!!

    I totally get it you want to control this but you question your will power. That’s the problem we cannot control ourselves on this drug. It slowly stops working and we crave more and more to get the same boost. Even though so many times felt like going back I have not. Pretty much accepted if I were to go back I’d be in the same place I was quickly. So sure you can go get a lock box at post office stop by daily to get your prescribed dose but over time you’ll say screw the hassle just grab the bottle and go to town. Same with some sort of timed lock box might work for awhile but in the end won’t work your brains addiction side will win over your will power.
  13. Yes I see how many people view post but seems like only a couple of us say much. Don’t be shy this isn’t Facebook we don’t know who you are.
  14. Having good day today hopefully out of that slump for awhile. I’m glad to see more people engaging on here hate when I visit and it’s been days since someone wrote anything.
  15. What’s so weird with me is I’m obsssed with working out now. I really don’t get it today instead of doing what I should office work all day Yep it sucks quitting them both. But a huge reason that keeps me from ever giving in. Even if I got another legal addy script I know giving up on quitting the pain pills would follow. Given you can’t get pain pills easily like addy I’d resort to finding a source and leading that lifestyle again. Hell I’d go through customers medicine cabinet just to maybe take a couple not thinking they would miss it if the expectation date was old. I did some crazy dumb shit risked everything for a couple pills was a complete slave. This is why Im thankful for this site gets me talking and recall why I’ve made this very hard journey.
  16. Yes at two years I do and currently in a very bad slump now. Kind of feel like this is hopefully one big final test it’s been very harsh. If adderall did not stop working for me I’d go back not even think about the side effects. But I know it stopped I could not focus or do anything the last couple months and know it would be the same going back. Even knowing that it still gets extremely frustrating like my God why can’t I have more motivation and happiness in my life? Why does everyday have to be a fucking challenge? When will the payoff come? Just a side note I abused addy very hard for nearly 10yrs plus used crazy amount of pain pills for the last couple on top of them. So hopefully my journey is not the norm and hopefully most of you move on much quicker vs me. I really hate saying how I truly feel on here these days. I don’t want to deter someone new quitting it’s not worth the fight. It is hard and I believe it really depends how much and how long you used.
  17. Well can honestly say I’m in the best physical shape 2 yrs plus out than I’ve ever been. Nearly have a six pack first time in my life and almost 40 yrs old. Other aspects of my life have lacked and understand what you mean first time being happy on the pill I actually got it prescribed for depression. Towards the last couple years on addy I was also heavily abusing OxyContin which made me extra happy of course but sure it caused more dopamine damage. It’s been hard I thought by this point be over it for the most part. Just hope and pray 10 yrs from now not still on here complaining I have little motivation, ambition and work ethic outside of the gym. Yes I can work pay bills but use to do more have big dreams follow them. Now it’s like whatever just getting by without any real direction of where I’m going. So anyways on the bright side I’m confident u can get back into top shape. Just take it easy first year don’t push yourself too hard for awhile. Realize one thing we over hype ourselves on adderall we may think everyone is looking up at us but reality maybe completely different. Being off adderall makes you humble and it’s hard to accept. For so long I thought because I worked so hard all the time nonstop everyone was below me. The reality is half the time my efforts were a total waste of time because I never slowed down to think how will this project would actually benefit me in the long run. Good luck stay close to this site honestly say it’s the only reason I’ve been off it so long.
  18. My muscle tone is best it’s ever been can work out hard at the gym then come home be a lazy ass again gets frustrating. I’m not aiming for large muscle mass that’s just not my body type but have been getting very lean do a lot of full body exercise. Like if I had to train all day in the gym I could but out of the gym just want to lay on the couch. I don’t understand that you’d think it would transition over. It’s not like I overtrain either if I don’t go to the gym one day I still do the same at home which is very little.
  19. Deep deep sleep one year out

    Best way to know how much deep sleep your actually getting is to get like a fit bit. My avg is around 8hrs of sleep with 2 hrs of actual deep sleep. It’s based off your motion while sleeping to determine what state of sleep your in. Your body recovers during sleep so nothing wrong with missing out on those late night talk shows. Most all of the nutrition and fitness experts I follow on you tube go to bed between 9-10pm.
  20. Anyone tried BPC 157?

    Looks sort of like steroids to me. If you try it and it works for u let me know.
  21. Anyone tried BPC 157?

    Always interested in new possible helpful supplements. Looked this item up and from a distributor had this warning for purchasing. “Products are for research use only and not for human use or consumption. Usage of this site constitutes acceptance to the terms and conditions.” Don’t think I’ll be shooting up something when the seller tells you it’s not safe for human consumption.
  22. Bought Bio Tech because it has a 20mg strength. Seems to have leveled out lately not really feeling benefits I did to start. Think it’s still worth a try to anyone on here given the costs and possible benefits.
  23. Merry Christmas

    Well hard to believe this will be my 3rd addy free Christmas. It’s sometimes a little disappointing most my family knows that I quit both adderall and OxyContin but I never get any follow up or little congrats. I’m sure most have the slightest clue how difficult this has been or just not sure if it should be brought up. But know all you in here do and even though I don’t know your faces definitely feel like most of you are family so have yourself a Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays!